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  • Corroborating Sustainable Business Growth amid COVID-19 Distress

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    Amid this worldwide lockdown due to the health emergency of COVID-19, running business operations has gone strenuous and nugatory. Particularly, in those geographies, where uncertainty has made its home and rays of hope are no longer shining, many bu...Read More...

  • NetSuite vs. SAP Business One

    Marketing 315 Views no responses

    “Cloud is the number one technology affecting IT today. By 2021 more than half of the global enterprises already using cloud today will adopt an all-in cloud strategy.” – Gartner Build on emerging technologies, a cloud ERP not only stre...Read More...

  • Netsuite Is Postponing Suiteworld20

    Marketing 224 Views no responses

    Due to increasing concerns about the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, and to help protect the health and safety of our customers, employees, partners and everyone who helps host the event, Oracle NetSuite is postponing SuiteWorld20 until August 10 – 13, ...Read More...

  • Working with Records in SuiteScript 2.0

    Marketing 382 Views no responses

    The most fundamental concept to master in SuiteScript is working with NetSuite’s Record objects. Records are the interface of the NetSuite database. With SuiteScript 2.0, we use the N/record Module and N/currentRecord Module to script with records....Read More...

  • NetSuite CSV Import

    Marketing 346 Views no responses

    CSV import is the most commonly used method for transferring small to medium-sized data sets from other applications into NetSuite. The CSV import process saves time and prevents errors, by submitting data in a CSV (comma-separated value) file. This ...Read More...

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