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  • Manufacturing industry needs to seize the growth opportunities along with seeking cost control measures in order to stay ahead in the competition. It’s only an ERP implementation that can help the project manufacturers raise their production efficiencies with use of centralized software and tools. Microsoft Dynamics AX is one of the most sought after ERP software in the project industry that offers agility and responsiveness to help in expanding business operations. With high focus on the supply chain, resource planning, finance and operation management; the Microsoft Dynamics Axapta ERP software provides below listed capabilities for your manufacturing organization.

    Document Management: Microsoft Dynamics Ax ERP manufacturing system offers integrated document system to enable manufacturers to save complete project related data in specific folders for all projects.
    Job Tracking and Scheduling: Dynamics AX empowers project managers on the front-end by offering them an integrated job tracking & scheduling function to have a real-time view of jobs and task status. This ensures availability of all kinds of resources including people, machinery, tools or skills to meet customer requirements with proper planning and scheduling.
    Real-time Report: The ERP gives access to real-time reports for deep insights into all jobs on the production for manufacturers. From real-time reporting, it presents updated information on key data metrics. Also, with built-in BI (business intelligence) capabilities, you can predict the industrial trends and operate production process at any time.
    Personalized Dashboards: With help of Dynamics AX personalized dashboard, you can offer employees with most relevant information. With BI’s help, you can get an understanding of your sales, stacked up inventory based on the demand to take smarter decisions at the earliest.
    Material Requirement Planning: Proper material planning at the right time and right place makes for a strong base of smooth operation in the production process. The Dynamics AX ERP helps in taking a complete control of demand & supply to ensure it can fulfill present demands.
    Cost Analysis: While ensuring profitability, it becomes critical for project manufacturers to keep a constant track of manufacturing costs that you can easily manage with Microsoft Dynamics AX for manufacturers.

    With all above listed profits, you can quickly avail Microsoft Dynamics Axapta development services from inoday core experts. With help of our professionally strong Microsoft Dynamics AX consultants, you can achieve unparalleled project success in a small duration. With our end-to-end consulting services for Microsoft Dynamics Axapta ERP, you can manage every step of your projects in a streamlined manner and get help in maximizing ROI.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a united form of ERP and CRM capabilities that includes various applications like sales, marketing, financials, project service automation, operations and customer service. It combines the data that resides in different systems to let the sales representatives a more comprehensive view of the customers to interact with them using the combined data. Also, with role-based licensing and Dynamics 365, you don’t have to purchase everything and can only choose the list of products that fit to your requirements. Bringing together multiple products like Office, Dynamics, Cortana, etc., business processes become easier, with which customers can response to an email simply using Office.

    Being the next generation of intelligent business applications in the cloud; Dynamics 365 delivers purpose-built applications to accomplish different goals in sales, customer service, field service, project service automation, financials and operations.

    Dynamics 365 for Sales has multiple social selling capabilities that enables people to share knowledge, take part in social conversations and generate new leads. Also, with gamification moving from preview to global availability expands beyond sales scenarios to assist the team collaborate in engaging contests. This way users are motivated to perform their best, which eventually leads to enhanced productivity.
    Dynamics 365 for Customer Service assists agents in using relevant searches to quickly find related content and editing records.
    Dynamics 365 for Field Service assists companies to improve resource productivity with automatically optimizing schedules and minimize the appointment distance.
    Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation enables merged resource planning and allows organizations to leverage scarce resources across field as well as project-based services.
    Dynamics 365 for Financials, is a comprehensive business management solution and is generally available for SMBs, powered by the Microsoft cloud.
    Dynamics 365 for Operations brings the evolution of Dynamics AX on Azure, which also gives capabilities around industries like retail, manufacturing, distribution, service industries, etc. With this update, you can also add country specific app versions for new markets.

  • Client billing process comes under the most critical business processes that needs to be changed by professional services organizations. Making invoice process quick, accurate and precise to meet the billing requirements of client can hugely impact your cash flow that is also the force of a professional service providing firm. There are several organizations having the manual billing processes that are apparently very inefficient to keep up to the expectations of customers. While implementing Dynamics AX for such organizations, a significant potential is there to gain efficiencies.

    Since making invoices right is a critical process, there is an “Invoice Grouping” feature solution for MSD AX that can improve the quality of project billing process. Traditionally in the Microsoft Dynamics AX, each invoice format variation required development of a fresh invoice document template in the SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services). You will need two SSRS invoice templates if you wanted to show detailed labor hour lines on some of the invoices, but you have summarized it on other invoices. This process causes much complexity and high cost for organizations carrying a lot of variability in how they actually need to format the invoices. With this new feature in AX, you can have “format invoice proposal” that lets you do formating for how you want to present the invoice details.

    This new invoice grouping feature in Microsoft Dynamics Axapta ERP software enables you to develop standard invoice presentations, without having to develop specific SSRS documents individually for each flavor. For instance, if you want to create an invoice format with detailed labor and expenses displayed, but have another invoice format with summarized labor and expenses; you now get a simple configuration in the AX rather than SSRS. Since this feature also helps in saving on time and money. Avail end-to-end Dynamics AX services from us to avoid the unnecessary hassle in the invoicing process now.

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