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    Corporate Website: Peoplesoft Service Provider

    It is a Corporate Website developed for usora corp. USORA specializes in providing senior level consulting support is to Fortune 1000 companies throughout the American Midwest. This website is developed by us in Open Source Website.

    Technology : PHP, MySql, Ajax and Jquery

  • Being an open-source eCommerce platform, Magento has a number of advantages to its credit that have paved the way for startup eCommerce retailers. High standards of established eCommerce websites like Amazon and others puts a huge pressure on startups businesses to keep up to expectations of highly demanding customers. Being able to shop from any place at any time, availability of products, quick checkout, payment and shipping details are the prime conditions, based on which customers choose an online website to purchase goods from. Magento has been the most reliable framework to design and launch new websites with, as it serves the purpose of online shopping in the best manner with its smart features. It helps you keep up to the customers’ expectations of delivering uninterrupted online shopping experience along with maximum customer care. Thus, getting Magento development services can impact your business greatly in accomplishing your business aims.

    How is Magento the right pick for your business?

    With the rising levels of challenges and expectations, developers go for Magento to perform better in eCommerce retail business. Below are the reasons you would want to focus on, if you’re in a dilemma whether to go for Magento development services or not.

    It comes with unique features such as advanced search, layered navigation, multi store features, wish lists, product comparisons, grouped products, etc.

    Magento has the flexibility to serve small, medium and large sized businesses as per their requirement and budget.

    Easy content update functionality, page adding to website and linking pages to main navigation makes it a developer-friendly platform.

    With nearly 50 payment gateway integration options with eCommerce website, client can offer multiple payment options to its customers.

    It offers smooth shopping experience to mobile using customers to deliver uninterrupted services to fulfill their expectations.

    Magento has resolved all geographic restrictions by supporting almost every language and currency around the globe.

    Much simple order management with Magento handling everything from creation, edit, fulfill orders, generate invoices, email order notifications plus RSS feed.

    Its open-source nature has a huge potential to shape up the eCommerce websites.

    Keep attracting your customers with an eye-caching view and user-friendly interface of your online shopping website. Our Magento development service providers at inoday have extensive experience in turning clients’ eCommerce websites into most sought after shopping destination for their respective customers. They specialize in Magento NetSuite integration, which can prove to be greatly helpful for enhancing the overall potential of your business system. Magento ERP integration has its proven benefits to uplift the entire business repute and the experience of your customers.

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  • Magento is counted upon for being best eCommerce platform in the market due to its ability to deliver required tools for the success of a business. Although, it is used by a number of organizations, it mainly focuses on online sales. In order to effectively manage other business processes; such as human resource, production, purchase, inventory, accounts, services, etc., an organization requires an ERP system. Before choosing any ERP Software program for your business, it is essential to know what ERP will work best for your business. Depending upon the size of your organization and actual requirements of your business, it becomes easy to analyze what ERP system you should integrate Magento with; in order to successfully manage all business aspects. If you are planning on to use some ERP software for improved data integration to empower your business; consider below mentioned factors first.

    • The size of your organization

    • Current accounting system you’re using and the reasons to switch from it

    • The features of ERP software you would want to use through integrating it with existing Magento

    • If you have EDI (electronic data interchange) sales or other wholesale operations, manufacturing, etc.

    ERP, being a business management software, comes in the form of a number of integrated apps that assist organizations in managing all in-house aspects from product planning to sales & marketing. Thus, when integrated with Magento, it offers an edge to meet everyday business processes without hassles that eventually helps in increased revenue. With a flexible API (application programming interface), Magento successfully integrates with a variety of ERP packages that are listed in following segment.


    NetSuite comes across as the highest ranked ERP solution provider to serve over 20,000 organizations in more than 100 countries. Providing a real-time visibility, it does more than just tradition account execution for your organization. Along with providing following functions, it also provides flexibility in configuring, customizing and upgrading operations and adds to your business efficiency.

    • Enhances the workforce productivity with its better data visibility

    • 50%+ acceleration in order-to-cash

    • 50% slash in financial closure

    • Cost-effective in automatic product upgrade

    MS Dynamics NAV

    Originally launched as an accounting application by Microsoft, NAV has extra technical features as compared to other ERP systems and comes with certain complexities. Also, it is a part of two different sections, of which one is for enterprise organizations and the other is for small to mid-sized organizations.

    It supports below cited functions for your business through integration:

    • Finance management

    • Supply chain management

    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    • Distribution

    • Manufactured goods

    SAP Business One

    If you run a small or mid-sized business, SAP Business One is best for you to manage your entire business at an affordable price. It’s superiority reflects from maximized business efficiency it offers through different functions. Further, it caters to different business functions with sorted modules and meets tailored requirements as a user friendly ERP system. Following are its significant solutions helpful for your business:

    • Manages complete sales flow, including quotation, order, invoice & delivery.

    • By maintaining master data inventory and tracking entire warehouse details, it helps in avoiding the ‘out of stock’ scene to successfully fulfill the customer demands.

    • Maintains employees’ details in HR data.

    • Keeps a track of generated leads.

    • Diverse core settings in administration section improves overall customer satisfaction.

    Above are some ideal ERP systems that can help generate profit for your organization, while integrated with Magento eCommerce. However, contact inoday if you require expert’s help for choosing right ERP system for your business. Our experts analyze each factor before providing you with most suited integration solution for your organization.

  • All businesses are different in nature due to their aspects like sizes, customer base, etc. Owning an ecommerce business and keeping up to your customers’ expectations can only be accomplished with help of a reliable ecommerce solution like SuiteCommerce or Magento. Since every ecommerce solution isn’t designed to suit all business sizes, you need to recognize a solution that’s appropriate for your requirements. Be it hosting, maintenance or overall cost; you’ve got more than one choices when it comes to choosing your best fit. Let’s take an insight into major differences between Magento and SuiteCommerce before settling for one.

    suitecommerce vs magento

  • Integration between two advanced technologies like Magento and NetSuite can bring too many benefits for a business altogether. If you own an ecommerce business, you are bound to need a solution that can fulfill all your business requirements altogether. Having a single solution or using Magento and NetSuite separately, you won’t be able to meet your customers’ expectations rightly. So, bridge the gap between both solutions by getting Magento NetSuite integration to get the perfect sync solution for your organization.

    Why You Need to Integrate Your Magento Online Retail to NetSuite?

    You need to integrate your Magento online store with your backend ERP systems for order fulfillment, accurate and correct stock availability, and real-time status on orders, cancellations, and refunds. Following are three ways you can integrate Magento and NetSuite:

    • Point-to-point connectors: In this integration, Magento and NetSuite are “pointed” at each other to synchronize data; and there is no operational platform in the middle of them. You can choose which system to manage entire data in, however in most cases the ERP manages the data. Point-to-point connectors are usually more affordable in comparison to other solutions.

    • Custom development and integration: In this solution, application programming interfaces (APIs) are available for both Magento and NetSuite to synchronize data. For custom integration, it need focus on these five types of data: item, inventory, customer, shipping, and order.

    • Multichannel integration: This approach uses pre-built connectors for both Magento, NetSuite, and many other sales channels (like eBay and Amazon). Connectors make integration easy and flexible, because it becomes a configuration issue instead of a development issue.

    Benefits of NetSuite Integration to Magento:

    Integrating the two systems, you can find following enhancements for seamless business processes.

    • Now product data can be easily managed in NetSuite and pushed to Magento for other operations.

    • With synchronized inventory levels between Magento and NetSuite, you can share the same inventory across both channels.

    • New customers in Magento flow sync with NetSuite ERP.

    • New orders in the Magento flow sync with NetSuite.

    • Customers’ order status updates sync between Magento and NetSuite.

    • Discounts in Magento system are passed into NetSuite as well.

    • Now credit cards can be easily authorized in Magento using Cybersource and PayPal, and can be captured in the NetSuite ERP when the orders get shipped.

    • Various payment methods are available like PO, check and COD.

    • Cash sales in the NetSuite ERP are recorded as invoices in Magento.

    • Importing tax rates and zones from NetSuite to Magento helps very much.

    Talking about Magento NetSuite integration, you must be careful to get it done only from a reliable place to leave no scope of errors. At inoday, we offer complete Magento ecommerce development and Magento customization. Hire Magento developer from us to make the integration successful and receive complete value for the same.

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