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  • Businesses need intelligent strategies to grow and keep that growth consistent. Building brand image, promoting it through different channels and providing customer satisfaction throughout every process is simultaneously managed by companies. Embracing latest technologies to promote your business and reach out to your customers can help you in building long-lasting business relations with your clients. Since people today are addicted to their mobile phones and they access Internet over smartphones rather than computers, their devices can be used as a powerful tool to enhance business dealing quality with them. With invention of mobile applications, it became immensely simple to establish trust between businesses and their customers. The early adopters of the mobile applications were restaurants & food sector, professional services, health & wellness sector and travel & tourism businesses.

    Interesting facts about globally changing people behavior regarding smartphones and using mobile applications.

    • There are more mobile phone users rather than the desktop users across the globe.

    • Nearly 30% restaurant services are searched over a mobile phone.

    • 70% smartphone users choose e-shopping for quick and enhanced experience.

    • Over 30% app visits of people turn into direct sales through immediate service call.

    • Over 50% business travel bookings are done through mobile applications.

    There are a number of industries that have been serving their clients through mobile application and have successfully generated huge business profiting prospects. Some industries that are taking multiple advantages of mobile applications are as below:


    In IT sector, companies use mobile apps as a platform to convey information about their latest technology inventions and attract customers in unique manner. With help of right mobile application development company, they can also display information about their successful projects in a creative manner.

    Food & Restaurants

    This is an industry, which is making rapid success due to the use of mobile app development in serving their clients for their ordered food. People seek comfort of choosing their favorite meal from the variety available over a mobile application that is just a touch away with our smartphones in our hands.

    Tour & Travel

    People love finding all information about their favorite destination and getting the accommodation and transportation requirements pre-planned with help of a mobile application. Traveling industry thus seems to be taking best advantages of the mobile apps.

    Apart from all these; entertainment, fashion, eCommerce and many other industries are enhancing their business dealing methods by taking the help of mobile app developers. If you come across a similar requirement, inoday is the right place for you that is known as the best mobile app development company at global platform. Having served our clients in various industries with help of our technically advance associates, we have carved a dominant position among our industrial contemporaries. Owing to our customer-centric policies and ability to deliver services within commitment duration, we are counted among best app development companies.

  • As soon as a new mobile application launches in the market, we are quickly drawn towards it; which could be for a number of reasons such as its enhanced and attractive interface, quick operational response, etc. With thousands of new apps hitting market every week, we tend to not realize that thousands of hackers are also on their way to enter these apps to give us hazards regarding our personal information. Ever since smartphones and social media became the most used means of communication, our privacy was put to stake through such mobile applications. These apps steal our data including contact numbers, passwords, location that can potentially be highly risky for individuals as well as for businesses. From social media apps to payment apps; we are unsafe with every application, until we figure out the reasons behind this and ways to tackle those issues.

    Our vulnerability to these apps is because the developers do not really follow built-in platform security parameters and make following mistakes, while developing mobile applications for their users.

    • Using code from third-party developers: As app development from scratch takes a lot of time and effort, hackers create codes hoping that some developer will use it in their apps; which easily gives them access to the user information when the app releases in market.

    • Avoiding security testing: Developers, in a haste to release their applications avoid proper testing against possible bugs. They should also avoid allowing users to see debug logs, for these are the vulnerabilities, hackers are on lookout for.

    • Using weak encryption or not using encryption at all: With constantly improving technology, encryption algorithms become easier to crack. Since many payment apps, etc. require users to enter sensitive data in form of credit or debit card numbers or other personal identity information; all this information can get hacked without a good encryption.

    • Insecure communications to server: As most of applications that handle sensitive user data connect back to the server, it’s important to ensure safe transition against any vulnerabilities based on insecure WiFi connection. This kind of security needs to be achieved by using proper SSL libraries to avoid compromising on user information.

    However, there are a number of insecurities for using these applications, we practically can’t avoid using these apps; these are the source of building our social network and bridging the geographical gap across masses. Opt for inoday to get your mobile apps developed that are free from any malware and give cent-percent user security. Below are some tips that you can follow as precaution, while downloading an app on your phone.

    • Make sure that the app you are about to download is developed and distributed by a verified developer.

    • Review the permissions that app aks for and evaluate if it really needs to go through your texts, location or contacts.

  • You may have a mobile phone or a tablet; its functionality depends on the operating system it is built upon. Android operating system is rising high among all other operating systems in the industry. However, the official language for developing Android is Java, it is possible to develop C and C++ apps using Android SDK (software development kit). Open-source and Linux-based operating system, Android is used for smartphones and tablets. From general features like web-browser, voice-based browser, mutitasking, multiple language support; connectivity; media support to external storage, all features make android what it is. Apart from this, there are many advance concepts related to Android application development and Java programming language that make it interesting to learn Android app development.

    Android Features Make It The Most Wanted Mobile App Development Platform

    As it is an open-source platform, it offers larger developer and community reach, wide marketing, rich development environment, inter-app integration, reduced development cost and higher success ratio. Below are some features that makes it the largest used platform for mobile app development.

    • Offers interesting and beautiful UI (user interface).

    • Wide connectivity options with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, CDMA, WiMAX, etc.

    • Excellent storage database.

    • Multiple media support.

    • Messaging helps with SMS and MMS.

    • Flawless web browsing.

    • Android has the multi-touch feature that was not present in mobile phones until a long period.

    • Resizable widgets help users with their choice to see more content or shrink them to a smaller size to save screen space.

    • Multi-language feature supports single direction as well as bi-directional text.

    • Wi-Fi direct enables apps to directly discover and pair over a high-bandwidth connection.

    Above listed attributes come with more advancements that further lets the mobile apps bloom. For a while Android app developers in India have found a huge acknowledgement among global level professionals. inoday has a team of Android app development geniuses, who have great excellence in their core that is visible through their successful project completion. These experts are proficient in story board creation, coding and testing along with cross-platform development for which they are called as Best app developers in India. Being a trusted and acknowledged Android app development company in India, we also offer flexible services as you can choose to hire on a fixed budget, full-time or hourly basis. Understanding your requirements, our experts help you in choosing between Native development and cross platform SDK by sharing the pros and cons.

  • Android operating system is leading the worldwide market and to fulfill its emerging demands, more and more Android app developers are entering the industry. Mobile application comes across as an ideal solution for businesses to promote their products and services. In order to reach a wider customer base, these applications fit multiple requirements at a single place. Since these are helpful in multiplying business benefits with moderate investments, people use them more often as compared to Windows and other platforms. Every industry including eCommerce, hospitality, travel, food serving companies, etc. can get the mobile apps developed to make the most of their investments and enhance their customers’ experience.

    Advantages of Android app development:

    Cost Effective

    Being an open source app development platform with free SDK (software development kit), it comes across as a very cost-effective solution. It doesn’t charge the licensing cost and only comes with stages including development, testing and hardware cost to test and deploy the mobile app.

    Customizable UI

    Due to the customizable UI of Google’s Android app development platforms, it gives best UI experience for businesses as well as developers. More user engaging applications results in business benefits for the organizations.


    It allows developers to use creativity to make the apps more attractive to enhance user count. This innovation freedom is not offered through any other app development platform.

    Easy Integration

    Android OS platform is ready for complex technical customization to cater you with right solution. You can integrate the app as per particular business requirement.

    Android app works superiorly for businesses from different industries such as hospitality sector, tour & travel, eCommerce, enterprises, etc. inoday is an accomplished Android app development company that has been serving its clients for over 9 years. Serving clients across multiple regions, we work with a client-centric approach to understand exact requirement of the client and industry-specific norms, due to which we have earned the respect of globally located clients. You can avail our mobile app development services for tablet or mobile devices that work equally efficiently. Our domain experts follow the latest technology trends in the domain and work with Xamarin platform for cross platform app development solutions.

  • Getting on board with a mobile application development company is a tougher task than it may sound. You must indulge in a number of on-going procedures as well as processes on the back-end to find your best choice. Mobile app development India has seen a huge success in past few years for consistent improvements at developers’ end, in terms of enhanced innovative skills and successful project deliveries. Apart from improved excellence of the skillful developers, below are some reasons, you should consider before opting for a mobile app development company.

    # Look for a development company that’s truly interested in your business and not just the development project, for it can give you creative and useful insights based on previous experiences from the same industry.

    Evaluate their portfolio, as this can give a true insight about their creative and technical skills. Look out for the beautiful looking apps that also have excellent user interfaces, since most of your application is about how a user can interact with it.

    Build long-term relation with mobile app developer since it’s not a one-time activity and apps have to go through several updates based on user feedback. So, it’s important to pick a company, who will make sure their resources are available as and when needed even after the initial development has been done and app is hosted.

    # Look for companies who are ready to extend you the client references in the form of direct contact information, so that you can find genuine feedback.

    # Make design the top priority, as an app needs to appear good along with its working abilities. You should also go further by asking the developer to define how users can interact with the app.

    # Don’t select a company or a development partner based on a price quote or let the development price drive you, since you would want a great product and not just a cheapest one. Although, you must have a budget; but settling up for a lower cost may not turn out that good solution for you and you may not want to give it to another developer to get it right.

    Considering all above mentioned tips, you can get the best deal that is offered by inoday in true sense. Backed with a huge experience in the industry, we are counted upon among leading mobile app development companies in India. We have best mobile app developers India that are focused on just the right aspects of mobile development technologies. So, accomplish your mobile app requirements rightly with us at highly competitive prices.

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