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  • E-Commerce industry is a highly competitive industry with the emergence of the global expansion of various product companies looking at territory expansion to gain larger volumes or expand to multiple geographies. To sustain in a competitive market, one needs to adopt & embrace with uniqueness or freshness and adapt to advanced technologies through a single platform; which is also referred as ‘Omni-channel’ approach.

    Gone are the days when the user was not connected to the enterprise application or the data is not accessible by various applications or used to operate in silos, keeping your social media or CRM separate than your core transaction applications. Enterprises require a system to place B2B and B2C under one cluster. Customizations are required for each target group, not by creating separate channels but separate offers.

    SuiteCommerce by NetSuite has the potential to become a platform of choice for the  eCommerce industry via you can adopt the ‘omni-channel’ approach for your business.

    A new  e-commerce entrant may face two types of risks: –

    Operational Risks: If you have built your business that is running smoothly. But there are a couple of operational risks that can slow down your business growth. That includes the following risks such as hosting risk, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) risk, shipping risk, price competition risk, supplier risk, and much more. SuiteCommerce allows one to control  all of this.

    Assumptive Risks: If you are a start-up your business, then there are many assumptive risks such as conversion rates, operating costs, gross margins, estimated website traffic, average sales order size, etc.

    These risks are commonly visible across  e-Commerce businesses and online ventures. But, how to mitigate them?

    SuiteCommerce enterprise recommends the following best practice steps to facilitate the security of an e-Commerce business such as: –

    • Educate or train your team working on your e-Commerce project.
    • Provide real-time and great shopping experience to the customers.
    • Offer Multiple Payment options to the customers
    • Secure the business from unauthorized access
    •  Look for a solution which is easy to scale and adapt
    • Adopt cloud to make the availability and uptime

    NetSuite SuiteCommerce allows you to address to all of this.

    If you are an existing customer of NetSuite SuiteCommerce but not getting a 100% result or interested in NetSuite customizations, we can be consulted.

  • Ever since the first version of ASP.NET 1.0 got launched, it has given reasonably good time to the developers. Numerous developers have successfully been using it to develop and run web applications for over fourteen years. Since, the framework of ASP.NET 1.0 has gone through a lot of changes, many capabilities have been added with the latest version ASP.NET Core 1.0.

    Originally launched as ASP.NET vNext, it was twice renamed as ASP.NET5 and ASP.NET Core 1.0 respectively, as it’s core concept was latest and it wasn’t exactly designed as the replacement of ASP.NET 4.6. With this release, it has become a leaner, modular, cloud optimized, cross-platform and comparatively smaller framework that works most smoothly with every ASP.NET development.

    What improvements does it offer?

    Microsoft has gone to great lengths by investing heavily on ASP.NET Core 1.0 and introducing new IDE to make it cross platform portable. Being an open source and cross-platform framework with alternative to Core CLR-Mono; it allows developers to develop and run applications on Mono as well as Core CLR, without caring for computer’s operating system. Take an overview of following advantages offered by ASP.NET’s latest version.

    It allows you to build and run cross-platform ASP.NET applications on Linux, Windows and Mac.

    With all probability lacking issues resolved by Microsoft; non-windows users can use the web application development functionality.

    New tools simplify modern web-development process.

    Consists cloud-ready environment configuration

    Ability to self-host or host on IIS.

    Consists cloud-ready environment configuration

    Replacement Reasons

    ASP.NET 4.6 was called off, being a great disappointment for the developers due to their inability to try out technical innovations. Since no innovations were available for developers on the Windows platform; developers were unable to keep up with continuously evolving technology. On the other hand, due to the lack of knowledge about the innovations that many other open-source frameworks provided; they faced similar issues. Likewise, there were some other issues that went on to make the ASP.NET community smaller day-by-day and ASP.NET Core 1.0 has become the game changer; which is also visible due to the following reasons.

    Open source platform

    Cross-platform compatibility

    Fast, modular & extensible

    Compatible to develop with languages such as C#, F#, etc.

    With latest version’s latest working capacities, you can now perform the tasks that were more like abandoned prior to the launch of ASP.NET Core 1.0. In order to meet diverse types of business and technology demands of our customers; we, at inoday have proven our worth at international platform. Our experts have successfully delivered range of solutions that can be classified under POS (Point of Sale), eCommerce to DMS (Document Management System) and other sections.

  • Microsoft’s ASP.Net, being a complete set of website development tools, servers, software as well as services is preferred by most developers to develop dynamic websites. As an HTML page, it comprises small embedded programs that are processed over Microsoft web server prior to its reaches to the users. Although, it uses complied languages, such as VB & C, it is not completely restricted to script languages and it allows the use of J#, C#, VB and others. If you are doing a business that requires Cross platform mobile apps, SaaS solution, POS development, system integration or ERP/CRM integration, you can hire an accomplished ASP.Net developer to get the right app developed.

    Since .Net application development enables to have seamless connectivity of multiple systems and data sources, developers can swiftly create required product solutions. Apart from this, it is best suited for those websites that need to be updated frequently. Some other advantages are listed in below section.

    • ASP.Net applications don’t take long to execute as it uses server side script technology that processes the code on windows server before reaching the users.

    • Since updates of implemented web applications are possible with ASP.Net, it doesn’t require server to restart.

    • It also offers auto state management for web-page-control. It also enables you to create fresh and customized server control with these controls.

    • Its in-built features also help in caching frequently requested web pages over server. It also offers in-built security features via different authentication methods or windows authentication.

    • It also fully supports CSS, XML and various other newly established web standards.

    • To develop a program logic with ASP.Net, a developer has the freedom to code in over 25 .Net languages including Jscript, VB.Net, C# and others.

    • Due to its event-driven and server-side programming model, it makes the development process simple and hassle-free.

    • As a part of .Framework, it has complete access to its features.

    With all above mentioned attributes, ASP.Net comes across as the best platform to develop dynamic websites for enterprises. inoday, as an accomplished ASP.Net development company is serving to worldwide clients with its custom .Net development services to give seamless customer experience. You can avail customized website development services from our experienced domain experts at cost-effective prices to suit your requirement right.

  • Microsoft’s .Net web development is a web application development framework that is most used to create dynamic websites and web services by worldwide developers. As a powerful tool to create rich web applications, business and corporate websites, social networking websites, custom CMS (content management system) and custom CRM (customer relationship management); the platform is considered as preferred web development technology for its multiple advantages. With custom .Net development, an individual portal can also be created for CRM and solutions related to multiple eCommerce integrations. With upcoming versions of the web-development platform, Microsoft focuses on delivering improvements in the security models. In total, the .Net web development platform enables you to serve your customers with best featured websites with numerous advantages that are listed below.

    Advantages of .Net Application Development

    • As ASP.Net is entirely a server-side technology, its code is executed on the server first, and later sent to the browser.

    • It built-in setup consists high security features.

    • It’s simple to use to develop dynamic web pages as per individual organizational requirements and doesn’t require to register individual sections, as the entire configuration is built-in.

    • Allows dynamic content editing for any page.

    • All versions have a common UI and progressive enhancement features.

    • ASP.Net decreases the overall size of written code that eventually helps in creating large applications.

    • Implementation, production and tax code elements are acquired in the framework to be used as per individual’s specific needs.

    • Enables hassle-free website viewing in all browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer.

    • .Net also allows access to database and return results for any user.

    Hire ASP.Net developer from inoday, a reliable .Net development company in India that has been serving clients successfully across the globe. As an offshore .Net Development company, we offer end-to-end custom ASP.Net development to suit individual business requirements for different industries. By offering multiple Asp.Net development services such as ASP.Net (4.5.1, 3.5, 3), WCF web services, Telerik tools, WPF application, POS development & integration, ASP.Net mobile development and QA testing services for .Net systems; we have carved a dominant position as a Asp.Net development company. Our capability to offer all these services for highly functional web apps at cost-effective prices lets us prove our worth among our contemporaries.

  • ASP.Net is a technology for developing web pages and websites with HTML, JavaScript, CSS and server scripting. Since ASP.Net is a compiled and .Net-based environment, applications can be developed in any .Net compatible language such as C#, Visual Basic .Net and JScript .Net. ASP.Web pages are the primary building block for application development, for which the extension is .aspx. ASP.Net a web application framework, highly valued by developers as a powerful tool to create web services, dynamic websites and rich web applications. Comprising a great capability, ASP.Net is a preferred web development technology by individual developers and software development companies. It offers multiple web solutions such as:

    • Web based applications

    • Social networking websites

    • Business and corporate websites

    • Content Management System (CMS)

    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    Key benefits of using ASP.Net in web development are as follows:

    • For it is a part of .Framework, it has access to all .Net framework features.

    • .Net web development reduces the amount of code required to build large and complex applications that can eventually increase the development speed and reduce development cost.

    • Development is simpler and easier to maintain with a server-side and event-driven programming model.

    • .Net application development offers ability of cross platform migration.

    • Since the framework supports different languages, it allows you to select the language that fits best to your application.

    • ASP.Net offers the ability of cross platform upgrade.

    • ASP.Net also enables you to easily perform common tasks such as configuration and deployment.

    • It ensures high reliability and security with per-application configuration and built-in windows authentication.

    • Since Microsoft regularly updates ASP.Net, it meets your latest technology requirements.

    • Web application are in complied form, thus the execution speed is faster in comparison with interpreted scripts.

    • Program maintenance inconveniences are reduced since content and logic program are separated.

    • It is integrated with ADO.Net.

    • Possess built-in caching features.

    Due to above listed features, it becomes a necessity to hire ASP.Net developer from a leading ASP.Net development company. inoday as a leading .Net development company in India offers best offshore .Net development for multiple web development requirements. Having served to worldwide client-base with custom .Net development, we are acknowledged for delivering end-to-end ASP.Net development services to meet specific requirements.

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