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  • About the client– one of the leading warehousing company based out in US, managing over 4000 inventories and supply chain for products from apparels to home appliances and furniture, had chosen NetSuite after evaluating more than 15 ERP solutions available worldwide. The client deals with all the leading brands and have strong logistics and distribution strength to compliment their business and supply chain management operations.


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    Client’s business challenges:

    In order to manage the stock and inventory positions to meet the projected business demands, the client had below business situation to meet the supply, demand and customer servicing.

    1. A significant portion of the items inventories of the warehousing company have very limited shelf life  because of the perishable nature of goods and closer expiry dates.

    2. The warehousing company can receive a shipment of a given item with a mixture of products from several manufacturing companies with different batches, that means the shipment has products with several expiry dates.

    3. It is NOT feasible for the warehousing company to capture all the product expiry data while receiving the goods because of time &  human resource constraints.

    4. It is NOT feasible for the warehousing company  to store the items basis the expiry date  because of the space constraints.

    5. The warehousing company plans to treat each shipment as one batch.  They will have to ensure that products are sold from earlier arriving shipments before they are sold from later arriving shipments, without paying attention to the actual expiration dates on products. FIFO (first in, first out)

    6. To do this, each shipment received must be associated with a particular bin or location in the warehouse and each pick ticket must indicate the bin or location from which the goods should be picked.

    7. Transfers from long term storage to the cash sales area would also take goods from the older shipment first.

    8. Due to the high turnover of the warehousing company’s inventory, this approach should be proficient enough to ensure that perishable items do not expire by being “forgotten” in a corner or hidden away behind other goods.


    Our Proposed Solution:

    In order to meet the above mentioned business challenges of the warehousing company , inoday Consultancy Services adopted procedures as outlined below while implementing NetSuite ERP at the client’s end.

    1) On GRN form, we created Inventory details automatically, according to current Date for Serial/Lot number Item (By script).

    2) Placed store material in pre-specified bins.

    3) In order to manage cash transaction – After Sales Order approval, Pick ticket generated automatically from system on FIFO basis.

    4) Script will pick older Items first, and if 100% material not available with older bin or lot, than remaining material unit is picked from the second older bin or lot.


    Conclusion – This implementation helped the clients by addressing the expiry, lot and maturity to ensure that Items do not expire by oversight. This was a fully automated process without any manual or human intervention to analyze what to pick.  There is no need to depend on human Intelligence and the process becomes autonomous, scalable and fast.


    Consult inoday Consultancy Services  NetSuite implementation team to know more on how can we help your organization in optimizing the inventory and supply chain management challenges and meet the service standards of your organization,  at the same time by addressing to your item expiry issues which impacts the business profitability to a larger extent.


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  • Be it retail, eCommerce, professional service providing company or other industry; customers play an integral part of business progress. Customer satisfaction can be acquired, when you have opted for smoothly working methodology for your business. With present-day industrial complexities, it has become essential to keep a back-up for your technology base. We all are well-aware of the advantages of cloud-based ERP software that are globally relied upon by organizations. Numerous benefits received from ERP’s abilities to reduce IT costs, less time-consumption, no investment on hardware or infrastructure, etc. help in maintaining the business processes. NetSuite ERP has been opted worldwide by small, medium or large-sized organizations to stay ahead among their competitors. Possessing rich functionalities and features, the ERP software has been acknowledged for delivering benefits of enhanced employee productivity, increased visibility, enhanced inventory management, etc. that eventually leads to customer satisfaction.

    Your task doesn’t end just by implementing the NetSuite ERP for your business, you must acknowledge the importance of how important it is to keep it working without interruption. Since customer satisfaction plays a huge part in the success of a business, you need to keep up with their expectations at all times. In order to keep all in-house, financial, inventory and other processes work flawlessly, it becomes essential to take help from NetSuite support services. NetSuite ERP’s integrated customer service management solutions offered by leading offshore service providers help you with 3600 view of your customers. It also helps in bringing more customer satisfaction, draw in new customers with lower service costs.

    inoday understands the importance of customers in taking your business ahead your industrial counterparts and backs your NetSuite ERP to provide uninterrupted solutions to your customers. With our NetSuite maintenance support, you can avail entire sales and fulfillment support to empower your customers with better product up-selling and cross-selling. Our range of services cover active monitoring of the implementation process, user management, data management, customizations, etc. We offer support services from various modes such as NetSuite helpdesk, online technical support, customer portals that include active monitoring, maintenance, ticket tracking support, end-user reference guides, etc.

  • We are delighted to announce our free NetSuite connector for mailchimp. You can simple send your request and our technical team will validate and install it with your NetSuite application.

    You can import and schedule to synchronise all the leads and enquiry directly to NetSuite ERP. Completely hassle-free, you can manage your leads at ERP.

    MailChimp NetSuite Integration

    NetSuite sales team can now see what their customers, leads, prospects or suspects are buying, clicking on or opening in target marketing emails sent by the Marketing team in MailChimp. You can connect multiple NetSuite or NetSuite OneWorld instances to multiple MailChimp Accounts. NetSuite always takes higher precedence over MailChimp. Any contact changes in NetSuite will always be synced to MailChimp.

    Contact and lead data is synced from MailChimp only if the email address doesn’t exist in NetSuite at the time of synchronising.

    Our integration seamlessly integrates customer  & lead data from NetSuite and pushes this information into MailChimp to power data-driven digital marketing solutions.

  • If you are looking for an eCommerce solution that will take your eCommerce business to new heights. A fully integrated eCommerce solution can maximize your revenue. SuiteCommerce advanced can take your eCommerce business to the maximum level. NetSuite SuiteCommerce could be just you are looking for.

    NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced is a feature rich solution that helps in creating fast and engaging web store and you can access to any devices like smartphone, tablets and personal computers. SuiteCommerce enhance your eCommerce system with an operational business system like inventory, order management, marketing and Financials. It also helps in improving the flow, layout and architecture of your eCommerce Platform and also include search engine optimization feature to make your website more visible.


    Features Available in SuiteCommerce Advanced

    1. Deliver a mobile shopping experience optimized for smartphones and tablets.
    2. Multiple webstore from one platform.
    3. It Support multiple languages and curriences.
    4. Responsive design
    5. Pixel-perfect design capabilities and unlimited layout control.
    6. Personalize marketing and promotions
    7. Streamline ordering and purchasing

    If you interested to learn more about NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced for eCommerce Solution. Contact inoday today. inoday is a Leading Netsuite Solution provider, provides complete NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced Solution. We have a team of experienced SuiteCommerce Advanced developer to meet your NetSuite implementation needs.

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  • ERP systems have known to be extremely rewarding for goods manufacturers and other enterprise owners in terms of business benefits as well as customer satisfaction. NetSuite is an ERP software that is extensively used worldwide by mid-sized to large-sized companies to reach their organizational goals in a successful manner. Many of them use it for supply-chain management or to check the goods movement from warehouse to the retailer’s place. More and more companies are using ERP with help of NetSuite service providers to receive business benefits faster than ever and that too at lower risks. The primary motive of using ERP software for businesses is that it brings complete business processes to the cloud, making it possible to avoid mistakes by significant number.

    Reasons to Go For NetSuite ERP

    • It gives a streamlined ERP strategy to worldwide customers with its flexibility and adaptability that results in business growth.

    • With its cloud-based ERP roadmap, it takes your ERP to the cloud and helps in integrating existing back-office processes as per exact requirements.

    • You can access any business information at any given time.

    • Businesses don’t suffer from high IT costs and risks.

    • NetSuite applications offer result-driven cloud journey.

    At inoday, we understand that single technology solution doesn’t fit to every requirement and every industry defines its individual technology challenges, budgets and requirements. We help you to take your organization to new arenas using industry-specific solutions that align with your individual needs. As an accomplished NetSuite solution provider, we aim at offering you best returns on your investment. By consistently serving our clients with NetSuite implementation, integration, customization and support services; we have marked our name as the best NetSuite consultant USA. Possessing in-depth knowledge and experience, our team of expert NetSuite solution providers have enabled us to stand apart in the industry. Since we work by following our business ethics of customer-centric approach, we provide maximized customer satisfaction at highly competitive prices.

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