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  • NetSuite Assembly Bill of Materials

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    Bill of Material (BOM) is a list of parts, items, assemblies, components and other materials are required to build a product and includes instructions for how to assembled product from the various parts ordered. For example, a computer is exploded in...Read More...

  • Which one is best for small and midsized businesses : ERP vs CRM

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    Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) are evolutionary cousins. ERP and CRM branched off in the mid-90s. Around that time, contact management, database marketing, and sales force automation had begun to look li...Read More...

  • Business Process Reengineering

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    The main reason why using the business process reengineering methodology is important is because businesses should be agile and flexible. In Business Process Reengineering, companies start with a blank sheet of paper and rethink existing processes to...Read More...

  • Are you ready for VAT?

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    In another milestone towards the implementation of VAT across the Gulf Cooperation Council, the Unified Agreement for VAT was published in the official gazette of one of the member states, Saudi Arabia. The Unified Agreement provides the framework fo...Read More...

  • SuiteCommerce Features

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    SuiteCommerce provides a flexible, fast and open web store front-end solution enabling highly personalized and engaging shopping experiences, drive conversion and grow your business. Built upon a modern, scalable and extendable HTML and JavaScript ar...Read More...

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