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  • Organizations could be small or big in size, but they all need automated functionalities and proper management systems to have flawless operations and satisfied customers. Their ability to deliver products and services at the quickest in a proficient manner decides their growth and position among their contemporaries in the marketplace. Salesforce is the most scalable and powerful CRM platform that helps you in becoming a customer-centric company by reaching out to more people in a personal manner.

    Entrepreneurs and executives make careful market strategies to analyze things and aim at consistent growth by serving diverse types of clients across industries like retail, manufacturing, non-profit and others. Their belief of expanding business by up-selling for existing customer-base and acquiring new customer base is strongly supported by Salesforce CRM.

    All things automated!

    Since customers are the most significant part of any business, decent investment in integrated business operations and customer services can do the work for you. You may also need to go extra mile to reach clients through cross-channel platforms such as social media, mobile, email, etc. to surpass their expectations. We have a number of instances of automated functionalities in our day-to-day life that are used to meet everyday mandates from self-driving vehicles to food delivery drones that make our lives more simplified. Since reaching out to a number of people one-by-one manually seems like a daunting task, you can simply get them automated with help of Salesforce Consultant India that will also enable you to enhance productivity and make more insightful decisions with its spectrum of features.

    Attributes of Salesforce

    Equally advantageous for large and small-sized enterprises, Salesforce will help you in handling time-consuming manual things in most efficient manner and multiply your benefits. Now, you don’t have to perform long-hours admin tasks or waste time in non-profiting activities and simply look out for below cited benefits through Salesforce.

    * Monitor and track everything and save on resources, time and efforts.

    * Manage and grab every opportunity by following it up with several in-built tools.

    * Keep an eye on your competitors’ activities to stay updated about market trends.

    * Salesforce CRM helps you with its exact business forecasting ability to learn about growth or decrease in future possibilities.

    * You can manage end-to-end customer relationships by viewing customers’ first to latest orders to estimate future orders and manage accordingly.

    * With customized dashboards for every user within the organization, you can turn them smarter to make smart business.

    * Allows you to do most fruitful up-selling and cross-selling to stand tall in emerging market competition. It lets you stay connected with your customers at all times through different channels and allows you to fit to their requirements.

    We, at inoday have an entire team of experts for Salesforce development, who possess in-depth knowledge of the CRM. As a reputed consultant, we have delivered high-end offshore Salesforce development services to our globally located clients. Due to successful services from India, Salesforce support India has seen a significant demand in recent years, to which we have also offered a valuable contribution. In case, you need to find realistic support and enhance success possibilities for your business or need anything Salesforce related, get in touch with our group of Salesforce developers India and get your answer at the quickest.

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  • Ever since the cloud computing technology in form of Salesforce CRM came to existence, it has been easier than ever to manage sales and services without being entangled in chains of software and hardware. There are over 150000 organizations that have been using the service cloud for their businesses to enhance customer satisfaction by over 45%. Multiple aspects of the CRM help you understand your customers better and solve your problems faster by accessing past customer interactions. Moreover, sales cloud also assists you in identifying upcoming sales opportunities by recognizing the past purchase history of your clients. The best aspect about getting Salesforce development services is that it doesn’t require IT professionals for setting it up or manage, as you can simply log in to use it.

    Reasons Behind Increasing Use of Salesforce

    Managing businesses before Salesforce used to be a complicated task, since traditional business applications were really complicated and expensive as well. It was a daunting task to hire experts to install, configure, test or update the applications; which also multiplied with the increasing number of applications. Following are the most acknowledged reasons for rising use of Salesforce in organizations.

    • You get to be more agile by investing in the CRM platform that assists you with auto upgrades to let you focus more on the business aspects instead of the back end work.

    • By moving your business to the most trusted cloud platform, you don’t need to stress about your data security with the multi-layered security. It also enables you to have a superb control over everything including user authentication, data access, etc.

    • Customized Salesforce CRM solutions can help in getting more productivity by using it the way you want to.

    • It gives you industry-specific solutions that can be availed by extending Salesforce into different departments of various industries. Without any risk, you can move your business rapidly by finding prebuilt applications within minutes.

    • Salesforce support helps you by simultaneously working on all business aspects such as sales, customer service, analytics, social communities, etc.

    Above listed apparent benefits of the Salesforce CRM has all potential to inspire you to go ahead for Salesforce developers India that have the best core expertise in the field. inoday has been engaged in delivering smooth offshore Salesforce development services to give a tremendous success to your business. Our team of Salesforce consultant India has number of successful projects to their credit, where it has enabled the organizations realize their maximum sales and service potential.

  • A regular enterprise uses different applications, out of which most aren’t designed to work together out-of-the-box. By integrating these separate yet related applications, companies can achieve better operational consistency and efficiency. The popularity of both NetSuite ERP and Salesforce CRM remains parallel and competitive to each other, as some people consider NetSuite better for its ERP and CRM solutions, while others don’t. Since NetSuite is counted upon as the most sophisticated accounting and ERP software product and Salesforce the best CRM solution; customer wish to avail benefits of both. Although, NetSuite suggests that it can be smoothly integrated with Salesforce, data-sharing requirements of enterprises are far more vast for just a simple integration.

    Salesforce directly communicates with NetSuite, when a critical data is inserted into the CRM to automatically sync it with ERP on the real-time basis. This entire integration process may sound simple, but developing such integration can be highly complex depending on particular requirements of a company. Companies that need to work flawlessly using both platforms, need to get the integration carefully so as to get the data exchanged automatically and in an error-free manner.

    Benefits of NetSuite Salesforce Integration

    • You can seamlessly streamline lead-to-cash process to enhance cash flow.

    • It ensures accurate sales quote that is sourced directly from NetSuite financials.

    • Integration obviates the need of manual order entry that protects from all errors.

    • Offers real-time sales orders and back-office visibility into orders, billing and fulfillment information from Salesforce CRM.

    Since most NetSuite customers need to quickly move data related to customer history, orders, inventory, finances, payroll, etc. from traditional legacy applications; integration can do the needful. inoday has been offering variety of NetSuite integration services to clients at global platform. Our experts have performed various successful direct ERP CRM integrations. Reach out for a more detailed discussion for your specific business requirements.

  • Investing in the right CRM system for your business is a time-consuming but vital task that should be done carefully to lead to success. It also requires deep research, commitment and patience; however it will offer advantages in form of higher productivity, greater customer visibility and ability to scale. Some businesses hesitate and hold back from investing on a CRM for unknown reasons. When you are unable to decide on the matter, go through below listed points to know mistakes that small business owners make while measuring the CRM and know when to switch to the CRM.

    • Price: When investing in a CRM, it’s possible to make common mistake by falling for a cheap solution. For a small organization, paying less for a solution could be attractive. But, do you really get right return on investment? There have been various cases of choosing a cheap solution by companies that later won’t really do the complete job. So, if you’re evaluating a CRM that’s far cheaper than others in the market, there’s a great possibility for a reason behind it. You must understand the feature functionality of the system to avoid reinvesting in another system after some time.

    • Lack of time: If you are too busy practicing routine processes and don’t have time to research for your solution, you very much need a CRM. If your manual dealing keeps you at work all hours in the day, it needs to be fixed using a CRM that offers process automation and smooth workflows. Using the CRM, you can focus more on improving your sales, retain leaving customers that greatly impacts on your growth.

    • Unable to define challenges: When you are unable to understand what you really require, it can prove costly to your business and you may be wasting productive time. Before evaluating a solution it is necessary to understand your roadmaps in terms of sales, growth and customer retention.

    If you can relate yourself to these points, you absolutely need to get a CRM and what could be better than Salesforce. With inoday, you can find best services for offshore Salesforce development. Acknowledged as best Salesforce consultants India, our Salesforce developers also offer end-to-end Salesforce support in different manners. We go beyond your expectations every time by focusing on every aspect of our commitments. Get in touch for best projects through Salesforce development and make time for more fruitful activities other than data entries.

  • Importance of good customer service can’t be denied whether you are running a small, medium or a large-sized business. Since good customer experience speaks for the brand loyalty, it is immensely crucial to meet customers’ expectations at every stage. Running a business without the right operational flow, you will come across hurdles such as inaccurate customer information, inability to have insight into customer’s previous experiences, shopping behaviors, etc.

    Understanding the vital role of customer satisfaction in your company’s growth, you should create great experiences for them in many ways. Levels of customer service are different for every company that may include solving the problems at the quickest, presenting the customer service pleasantly at the frontend, quickly considering customers demands, etc. Businesses that prosperous understand how great customer service can turn into great customer experience. This further leads to word of mouth, customer loyalty, as well as revenue growth.

    Following are some basics that denote good Customer Service:

    • Quick query resolution: Today’s customers want quick responses to their concerns and you can’t ask them to be patient instead of giving real-time response.

    • Provide the support that customers expect: Although everyone can provide themselves with self-serve options, don’t make the mistake of leaving your customers on their own to look out for things that they don’t know about. They expect you to resolve their queries even if they are equally tech-savvy as you.

    • Make transactions clear: Make sure not to hide any single information that cloud be useful for the customers. Providing a clear FAQ page would add to your credibility.

    • Bridge the gap between your company and your customer: Building trust for your customers can bridge the gap between the company and its customers. Attracting new customers for one time isn’t just enough and you can try to keep them in different ways. Offering personalized experiences would also add up to your brand image.

    Keeping up with every norm of good customer experience isn’t possible by keeping a track of operations manually. You need to have a dependable customer relation management system such as Salesforce to exceed the expectations. There are many Salesforce consultants out there, among which you must choose one for you carefully. At inoday, we deliver successful Salesforce development projects for global clients. Getting reliable Salesforce support from our offshore Salesforce development team, you can ensure to deliver delightful customer experience to your valued patrons.

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