A dedicated team consists of Account Manager, Project Manager, Business Analyst, Solution Architects, Programmers, Developers, Designers, and QA Etc. where Account manager provides the suitable candidates to the client according to the requirement of the client. Project manager‘s responsibility is to communicate with client and take the understanding of the project and discuss it with the team and accordingly distribute that in the team. Rest of the team will work under the guidance of project manager.

inoday Offer

  • We work 8 hrs. a day, 5 days a week.
  • Our dedicated team will be working only for you.
  • If Needed then we are available 24×7.
  • Quick onsite Deployment for the selected resource (For USA & Canada only)
  • You will be getting daily or weekly reports.
  • Our price is very competitive.
  • Our team use high bandwidth internet connection (Lease line).

Benefits of Dedicated Team with inoday

  • Skilled professionals working just for you.
  • Direct access to each team member.
  • Ability to manage the team.
  • Scope is not fixed and changes are welcome.
  • No start up or maintenance costs.
  • Ready to use IT infrastructure with best facilities.
  • Project can be started faster with incomplete requirements.

We can provide our dedicated team to your place i.e. Onsite or our dedicated team would be sitting in our own premises but delicately working for you i.e. Off-shore development Center.

This model allows you to set up a dedicated offshore operation with minimum risk. We establish software development teams in such a way as to enable the client to work directly with the developers, thus achieving the highest level of productivity possible. By handling the recruitment process and operational management, leveraging our expertise in the local market, we create a pool of candidates whom you will be able to screen personally. Once specialists are approved by you, they are hired and we set up workplaces and equipment, and your team is ready to work on your tasks under your direct supervision

The inoday Dedicated team is your Offshore Team whose every member scheduled to work on defined area of development. And Project managers are equipped with all Project Management tools i.e MS Project, Visio, Source Safe, SVN, Mantis, JIRA.

We do have cloud based project management system  which gives you direct access of your offshore team and their minutes activity. We don’t put any cost for the pre-sale discussion on your business requirement and give consultancy to lock the business requirement until it’s shaped to develop.

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