Managed IT Solutions

Manage IT Solution is an outsourcing process where an organization hire an IT firm to support them in all IT related functions. In Manage IT Solution work is fully defined for the fixed amount of time.Manage IT Solution is a long term process that will stretched for years. It gives mentally peace to the client whereas service provider can also concentrate on the process which is followed in the organization and rectify the possibility of changes the system requires to run smoothly.

inoday work with our customer as a partner to get in-depth understanding of their business and the organization and that help us in making technical strategy to support the organization in smooth function that ultimately reduces the cost. We offer wide range of IT services that help our client to concentrate on his operational business and leave all the IT related work on us and that maximize their productivity and profitability.

With industries inoday worked with

Education(School / College)
Banking / Finance
Health Care
Real Estate

We have the highly skilled team, certified engineers in various technologies like

Network Systems
Active Directory
Microsoft Exchange
Oracle RDBMS
Microsoft SQL RDBMS
Enterprise Backup
Information Security
Application Virtualization
Server Virtualization

Above technologies can provide a unique and high quality on-site/remote support service and solution to our customers.

The services that inoday provides

Our IT expertise and experience in Managed IT Solution gives our client an edge.
Once everything comes on the track, our client can generate more and more profit.
We do all the IT related work for our clients. This gives our clients freedom to concentrate on their business.
We have many years of experienXed in Manage IT Solution and that give us confidence of doing our best for our clients.
We provide training to all the user of the IT services so that they perform well in their respective work so that our clients can properly use their resources.
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