NetSuite in the Software Industry

In the software industry, success is measured by innovation and growth, and it’s critical to ensure that you have the right backbone to build and grow your business.

For years, the effectiveness of software companies’ financial and business operations was constrained by on-premise software and manual processes. On-premise software lacks the scalability needed by fast-growing, international businesses, and many software companies end up relying on extremely inefficient, spread sheet driven manual processes to manage key business functions such as billing, purchases, expenditure approvals, financial reporting, contract renewal, professional services automation, and revenue recognition. It’s very costly to install and maintain traditional onpremise
software, and the complex systems don’t scale with a growing employee base.

NetSuite delivers the right combination of scalability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness to address these challenges. NetSuite’s cloud-based ERP suite is the solution of choice for the software industry, running critical business processes for hundreds of the most innovative private and public software companies. NetSuite streamlines and optimizes business processes, provides a true 360-degree view of customers, and cuts costs. Software executives leveraging NetSuite are able to gain real-time visibility across the
entire enterprise, allowing them to make faster, more effective decisions.

As a software company, NetSuite understands the challenges of managing a global software business across thousands of customers and employees. The NetSuite Software Company Edition features the software-specific capabilities that your company needs to focus on innovation and growth while ensuring streamlined billing and renewal processes, accurate financial reporting, and the ability to meet complex revenue recognition requirements. Unlike on-premise vendors or niche tools that require high maintenance or don’t focus on software-specific requirements, NetSuite’s solution is built from the cloud up to help your company understand and manage performance and optimize revenue and growth.

NetSuite Software Company Edition offers the industry’s first and only

Integrated advanced financials, revenue recognition, contract management, and billing

Role-based, customizable dashboards

Integrated CRM, accounting/ERP, and ecommerce

Software Needs NetSuite Software Company Edition
Lack of timely financial reporting
  • Real-time financial reports
  • Granular drill down and visibility into cash management
Inefficient financial management
  • Complete coverage across all major accounting processes—order to cash, purchasing, expense management
  • Accelerate the financial close
Complex revenue recognition
  • Complete coverage across all major accounting processes—order to cash, purchasing, expense management
  • Accelerate the financial close
Lack of real-time visibility
  • Real-time role-based dashboards
  • Pre-defined KPIs for software companies
Inefficient recurring revenue management
  • Complete control of the renewals process
  • Manage billing for subscription and maintenance streams
Lack of single customer repository
  • Finance and sales integration
  • Advanced quote management
  • Cross-sell and up-sell management
Features Benefits
Advanced Financials with Revenue Management and Revenue Recognition Increased Visibility for Decision Making
The Best CRM for Software Companies Revenue Recognition
Integrated Back Office with Software-Specific Features Improved Reporting
Deep Services and Support Functionality Accelerated Quote to Cash
Rich Channel and Partner Relationship Management Capabilities Accelerated Financial Close
NetSuite Issue Management IT Savings
NetSuite Electronic File/Software Delivery Increased Sales Productivity
High-End Customization without the Headaches Improved Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction

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