NetSuite come up with Manufacturing edition which provide complete business solution to an organization

Manufacturing edition is nothing but a SaaS (Software as a Service) which provide all the functionality like supply chain management, production management, sales and marketing management, order management, financial management, warehouse management, customer relationship management(CRM), E-commerce etc. means with a single integrated SaaS (Software as a service) of NetSuite Manufacturing Edition you can manage your entire business.
NetSuite has drilled down the expenses for the IT infra-structure to the minimum i.e. cost for Software licenses, server and other IT support as NetSuite’s Manufacturing edition is based on cloud computing. NetSuite’s manufacturing edition provides a flexible and scalable solution to all the manufacturing company means they can choose the services which they want to implement in their company.

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Powerful functionality of NetSuite’s Manufacturing Edition

  • Work Order – To know the accurate work-order is important for the manufacturers so that they can full fill the all the orders. NetSuite’s work- order capability helps the company to keep all the records of orders. It’s an automated system where you can get all the records of inventories that help the organization in manufacturing.
  • Manufacturing Requirement planning – NetSuite uses proven algorithms which is used in same industry, it also consider the previous year’s performances and presents performance which help in requirement planning.
  • Production – NetSuite provide an effective and intelligent system which helps the organization while production. This provides total visibility about the production process to get more control over the production management. It provides real-time status which helps in tracking, managing and optimizing production.
  • Manufacturing inventory control – Inventory control is one of the major concern for the manufacturers. NetSuite take proper attention of demand and supply. Demand Planning Module handles it very well.
  • Manufacturing cost control – NetSuite help in controlling the manufacturing cost by standard cost method or by average actual cost method. It is an important part for the organization so that they can take upper edge in the market while deciding cost of the product.
  • Demand Planning – NetSuite provides a robust and efficient demand planning module to all the manufacturers after taking consideration of sales order and forecast demand.
  • Project control – NetSuite project control module provide all the information about the project in Real-time, which help you to manage all the projects efficiently and effectively.
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