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5 Ways Microsoft Dynamics 365 Transforms Your Business

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To stay ahead of the globally ballooning competition,businesses must entail a robust blend of customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Microsoft has rendered a powerful platform thatdrives proven business logistics and helps revamp the entire business process quickly and smoothly.

Most of the IT professionals are conversant with core functionalities and benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365. However, this is not always the case with businessmen. Its impact on the revenue, sales team productivity and the overall efficiency of the business steer its implementation. Although figures and data progress representing the progress are captivating, businesses novel to CRM and ERP systems might not get convinced easily. D365 may appear inessential with the existing business tools or manual execution of the processes.

Here’s you can comprehend the ways Dynamics 365 can help your customers thrive in their business.It facilitates with the following functionalitiesto switch to smart business operationsand blaze the trail:

Sales Process Automation

Business marketers can plan, design, and deploy campaigns in D365 as per the requirement efficiently. Once deployed, it prompts active engagement with leads through email chains and websites. It combines all the fragmented, unconnected marketing data to create insight profiles, which enables businesses to make the most of the existing, underlying information. With such capability, it allots an opportunity score to those leads. When this score gets high, Dynamics 365 automatically propel the leads over to the sales team to help them make more informed purchasing decisions. Eventually, this built-in Relationship Analytics helps the businesses, especially the sales team, deal with potential prospects and eliminate wasted sales as well as dead leads before they make it to the sales personnel. 

Increased Client Retention

Streamlining lead generation and supporting revenue flow from existing customers are the key potentials of Dynamics 365. You can showcase its functionality to connect sales, project, and service functions seamlessly in case, your customers are struggling with uncertain retention of their clients. It proffers a dynamic dashboard, where sales teams can start projects and bring in managers and technicians for consultations as well. Also, it enables them to create project timetables and billing. It offers a knowledge base throughout the process, which can be assembled to their customer service team.

These functions connect under the implementation of Microsoft’s analytical tools, which gives a primary advantage to D365 over its competitors. Making predictive sales account analyses and assisting with status updates, it helps your customers learn the potential of their project progress.

Reduced Aerial Infrastructure

Businesses can easily shift their IT expenditure to a more predictable schedule with migration to a cloud-based solution. In particular, it assists in minimizing downtime due to patching and other upgrades. It enables your customers to drop-down their CapEx budgets as lifecycle upgrades are eliminated with an in-house CRM server. Shifting their infrastructure budgets to profit-generating initiatives can help businesses manage operations without bearing any superfluous outlay.

Improved Business Integration

Although D365 offers numerous individually robust tools, its strength lies in its integration of all those tools within a single platform. Also, it can benefit its customers providing active integration with other Microsoft products. It is built on the Microsoft Data Model, which enables the users to avail of a shared data language supporting all their analytical and business applications. The seamless integration of whatever your customers use, including Excel and Power BI, enables them to generate synthesized reports, evaluating assets and data within the organization.

SimplifiedHuman Capital Management

Rendering extensive functionalities for sales, support, and project, D365 provides a powerful set of HR tools. With its capability to unify all of the different ERP functions on a single platform, it assists the businesses in the management of hiring, onboarding, performance, compensation, and benefits through a single dashboard. Also, it renders easy accessibility to the employees for self-service. Dynamics 365 enables its customers to customize their dashboard as per the organization’s requirement, which helps them keep the essential and discard not-in-use items. 

Proffering user-friendly interface, increased visibility for vendors, and centralized execution, D365 allows the users to work the way they feel like. Not only it prompts productivity, but it also drives proficiency and quality in the execution of all the business operations. It offers a host of valuable business tools on a single platform to steer profitability and entail substantial growth as well.

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