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A Comparison Guide: NetSuite Vs SAP S/4HANA

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Plethora of options available in the market for enterprise solutions but when it comes to choosing from major players such as NetSuite ERP and SAP S/4HANA, lots of factors are considerable to make a perfect choice.

Obviously, every business has distinct requirements and selecting a wrong-fit ERP solution may cost your company in several terms from consulting, customization to losing productivity. Instead of getting trapped into a contract with the most feature-rich system, choosing a suitable business management solution after consulting is far more an intelligent approach to take advantage of data visualization and BI tools.

Since both the ERP products are the market leaders and comprise a unique set of cloud-based features and functionalities. Here is a complete comparison guide that will clear your doubts and help you to choose the best-fit solution matching your custom processes across your enterprise:

Both Are Market Leaders

Both the business management software have their own capabilities to simplify traditional manufacturing, retailing, supply chain, sales modules, professional services and more. Although both the ERP offers a huge range of functionality and business management modules but a right selection may vary for different organizations who conducts different day-to-day operations.

Taking expert advice from NetSuite Consulting Partner can help you to choose the relevant solution that is specific and customized for your business.It includes many front-of-house modules to support customer brands manage their sales efficiently. inoday has a team of industry mentors and ERP consultants who can suggest best-matching enterprise solution by performing deep research and core analysis.

Now,let’s elaborate distinctively:

NetSuite Holds Strong Front In Marketing Automation

NetSuite boosts marketing efficiency with its marketing automation tool that supports’ organizations to drive email-marketing, lead-generating campaigns. With real-time eyes on key-data, NetSuite helps to level up the information and turn it into conversions while cutting down manual efforts and bringing real-time collaboration among your sales marketing, and CRM departments. This ensures data transparency and efficacy to drive effective and successful marketing campaigns.

NetSuite’s E-commerce Functionality Is Powerful

NetSuite ERP Software includes powerful e-commerce functionalities that simplify both the B2B and B2C operations using a single unified platform. Centralized order management and sales data enables organizations with deep insights into multiple brands, work locations, and warehouses that ultimately affect production level and support quick revenue generation process.This integration of eCommerce with conventional ERP supply chain tools stands for deep analytics and minimal data loss.

Furthermore, organizations can deepen their visibility into various e-commerce operations and reduce data loss or redundancy by performing relevant e-commerce integration.

NetSuite’s Point Of Sale (POS) Is A Winning Strategy

NetSuite POS is such a marketing approach that empowers sales associates by giving full access of customers’ data across devices and e-commerce channels and ease their efforts while serving customers in the store. Such an improved system is provided by NetSuite that reduces the barriers between online and digital shopping experience and enable sales executives to serve quality deals to their customers by enabling access into customers’ buying history, wishlist and searched items.

The insights of the NetSuite SuiteCommerce’s POS system allows associates’ to offer personalized buying experience to their customers which eventually enhances the customer experience across channels.

NetSuite Human Capital Management (HCM) For Rocking Work Culture

By imbibing SuitePeople module of NetSuite cloud ERP, organizations get capable to simplify their payroll management, time management, organizational compliance management. Using such functionality, enterprises can have a full view of their resource management, data analysis and more.

A quick data access capability helps and resolves the employee related issues instantly and streamlines the human capital management practices to ensure satisfactory and healthy work culture across the organization.

Asset Management IS Simplified With SAP S/4HANA

Organizations with complex supply chains need to adopt asset management to drive precise and uninterrupted flow of products and resources. Along with, companies are required to analyze the productivity levels and monitor the vehicles, machines, and computing devices that help to run the company and SAP S/4HANA comes with the capability of providing maintenance oversight and essential data analytics for enterprise assets.

Comparatively, both the ERP systems are capable enough to handle and manage manufacturing processes and supply chains. But NetSuite is empowered with multi-functional capabilities to streamline your manufacturing and warehousing processes. Unified and real-time data access removes hassles and ensures continuity in your business.

Professional Service Management By SAP S/4HANA

SAP S/4HANA’s professional services are offered to boost the caliber of the service companies by simplifying their finance & accounting practices, project management etc. Output-based billing functionality and location tagging for services are some of the extensively acclaimed features. but, NetSuite has its own stronger functionality in terms of providing professional services. Project managers can create projects, assign tasks and can manage timesheets with real-time tracking facility, that ensure timely project delivery and client satisfaction.

So, you can see how NetSuite holds vast functionality for a diverse range of industries or business domains in comparison of SAP S/4HANA. Organizations having multi-processes and dealing multi-functionality can adopt NetSuite to drive their functions smoothly and efficiently which in turn to accomplish higher business goals.

Seeking further information, contact inoday’s NetSuite consultants, we can help and deliver the valuable solution in terms of NetSuite consulting, implementation or customization. With 12+ years of experience, we guarantee quality implementation and offer highly scalable application to drive substantial business growth.