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Abandoned Shopping Carts

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Ecommerce increases consumers ability to gather information about products and prices. The growth of online shopping also making high risk that customer regrets to purchase the product before completing the process (abandoned shopping cart).

When a shopper/user abandons the cart, you can immediately suite a personalized email to convince them to complete the sale. Send him/her an email with additional information about the product they abandoned, and with a coupon for that product that is valid for a limited time. Follow-up with a drip marketing campaign that sends a sequence of emails until the shopper completes the purchase, with additional information pertinent to the product and reminders of the limited time discounts available But make sure the follow-up emails do not drive the shopper away, and they end as soon as the shopper completes the purchase.

To find out which shoppers abandoned cart information, just run a Customer search inside NetSuite. The criteria for the search should be customers that have a Shopping Cart : Amount greater than $0.

Even though NetSuite has the capability to send an email, we have developed an script to connect the NetSuite with mailchimp to suite an email based on your priority.