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Acquire Greater Heights across Marketplace Management with NetSuite SuiteCommerce

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As the COVID-19 crisis unfolds, merchants need to start thinking about revamping marketplaces. Along with marketplace giants, small setups are putting everything into it to drive substantial scalability and elevate their growth trajectory. NetSuite SuiteCommerce is offering an extensive platform to optimize the multi-channel marketplace, increase brand awareness, acquire new customers, and witness global expansion with the least hassle.  


NetSuite SuiteCommerce enables businesses across marketplace management to grab integrated e-commerce solutions, aggrandize its operations to the cloud, and connect e-commerce and in-store POS with order management, merchandising, inventory, financials, and customer service.

Conventionally, B2C companies were the preferred channel to complement online or brick-and-mortar stores. Nowadays, more B2B companies are finding value in marketplaces, and many marketplaces even allowing them to distribute products in a wholesale manner that they couldn’t before.

Interestingly, NetSuite SuiteCommerce renders extensive capabilities across both B2C and B2B operations

NetSuite SuiteCommerce
B2C E-commerce B2B E-commerce
Branded and Engaging Shopping Experience Streamlined Purchasing, Bulk Ordering
Effective Search Marketing
Invoice Billing, Credit Limits, ACH Processing
Flexible Discount and Promotion Options Efficient Returns, Complete Access to Purchase History
Real-time Credit Card
Processing, HTTPS Support
Quick Conversion of Quote to Order

NetSuite SuiteCommerce helps synchronize all the organizational data across all the channels to eliminate error-prone processes and enable businesses to drive potential benefits out of a unified e-commerce platform.

Key Capabilities

Integrated Data Source  

NetSuite mobilizes marketplace selling by rendering a centralized and single source, cloud-based commerce solution, for all your company’s data. It comprises applications for e-commerce, point-of-sale (POS), order, and inventory management. This helps consolidate eliminated and fragmented data into a single repository.

With NetSuite Marketplace, you can: 

Centrally manage product data and attributes across multiple channels

  • Deliver consistent, branded product data across all channels
  • Create content and syndicate to each marketplace.

Consistent Customer Service

Business leaders can witness streamlined customer service using the NetSuite platform. You can have a unified view of every customer regardless of the channel they are using to interact, for transactions, and analyze the frequency of their purchase.

With the deployment of NetSuite CRM and Order Management System, you can come across customer service reps (CSR) handling customer service and order management tasks from a unified source.

Active Engagement with Marketplace Shoppers

Some marketplaces release customer information for retargeting purposes to drive future sales. With such information, you can grab the opportunity to engage with your marketplace shoppers and plausibly entice their return to your site. NetSuite renders an extensively engineered marketing automation tool that allows marketers to segment customer groups to create retargeting campaigns.

Reduced Time and Optimize Profits

NetSuite extends the capability to share inventory, access customer records, streamline customer service and order management in one place. In particular, this makes selling on marketplaces as easy as selling on any e-commerce site. An integrated platform helps save a tremendous amount of time, eliminates the need to use different systems, and minimizes error in the manual processes as well.

With NetSuite, a cloud ERP with GST, you can entirely focus on robust customer engagement and drive substantial profits through new channels. Additionally, a certified NetSuite Partner in India can let you explore more capabilities and unveil opportunities to take a competitive lead.

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