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Aggrandize Project Delivery Efficiency and Profitability with NetSuite for Service Firms

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By harnessing the inventive capabilities of an exclusively engineered cloud computing solution, NetSuite for Service-based organizations, you can overcome all such obstacles that avert you from driving profitable service projects.


“This professional services automation solution integrates to the customer relationship management, financial and human resource systems. It readily helps service companies have better control and greater access over the entire project lifecycle and drive automation across all burdensome tasks.”

Key Highlights

  • A standard and unified system for more accurate and detailed reporting.
  • Streamlined process to record project details, including project profitability and other KPIs.
  • Elimination of separate systems to deliver approvals or statuses.
  • Integrated PSA and HR steers optimized resource utilization.
  1. Skills searching tools allocate the right resources on the right task.
  • Automated billing and invoicing with billing rules and revenue recognition capabilities.
  1. Project linking to financials, extensive management of pending charges and invoices, and greater control over revenue gained from the project being worked for high-yielding performance.

With the deployment of NetSuite for Service Organizations, business leaders or project managers can take a competitive lead in delivering the projects on time and witness an elevating trajectory for their company’s profitability. But completing projects on time and staying within all the constraints set by the contract isn’t easy.

Over the past years, experts have worked on manual dependency to track projects, which they found overwhelming in most cases. This extensive cloud-native solution is extensively orchestrated to overcome such hassles. Right from project setup to budgeting and allocating recourses, you can make the most of NetSuite ERP solutions for service businesses to meet your project delivery goals and ensure unmatched client satisfaction.

Common Pain-points Addressed by NetSuite to drive Profitable Service Projects:

  • Projects running over budget
  • Disparate tools to check project status
  • Lack of standardization for monitoring KPIs
  • Uncertainty with the alignment of project status and financials.
  • Unbilled hours; unreliable or missing financial information
  • Inaccurate collaboration and communication between team members
  • Disconnected financial management systems
  • Inaccurate accounting and billing errors

A Unified Solution is a Key to Project Success and Profitability

NetSuite for Service-based Organizations specifically designed to simplify and standardize project-delivery operations, increase team collaboration, improve resource utilization, offer better tracking, and revamp project accounting capabilities.

Undoubtedly, it is an inventive PSA solution to bring together all elements under a single umbrella and help businesses gain greater visibility. But organizations can connect to expertise-rich solution provider partners to operate more efficiently, ensure on-time project delivery and within budget.

Being a certified and official NetSuite partner in India, inoday has won accolades for its exemplary services that help service-based enterprises entail unmatched scalability. We believe in rendering uncompromised solutions, decadal experience, and industry expertise to do away with operational bottlenecks.

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