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An ERP Comparison Guide: NetSuite V/s Microsoft Dynamics 365

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On the hunt for ERP solution? Both the NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics 365 are the major players in the market and when it comes to making a decision, lot of factors can be considered depending on your business domain need, configuration requirements, budget, and other capabilities.

Here we are unfolding the primary factors that may help you while selecting a Right ERP solution for your business:

Brand Matters
Obviously, brand matters a lot. Both the NetSuite and Dynamics 365 hold a brand name. NetSuite is a product of Oracle and Dynamics 365 holds value from Microsoft. Because of the market image, both the brands hold the same market value and hence, are capturing the market with plenty of features and functionality satisfying the need of today’s modern equipped businesses.

Cloud Maturity
Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based enterprise solution but still needs to be reconfigured as per modern cloud functionality. Also, it is not a native SaaS solution and exists in a single tenant environment that requires individual application updates and customization. So, migrating your data over the cloud may not be a healthy deal in case of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Comparatively, NetSuite ERP software is a native SaaS-based solution that exists in a multi-tenant platform that enables shared database whereby the entire organization’s data exists within its own secure and reliable organizational space and is not accessible to the users outside this network. NetSuite cloud platform comes with the caliber of faster data access, easy upgrade functionality with the adoption of trendy technology.

Customization Flexibility
Leveraging the capabilities of Microsoft dynamics 365, configurations can be done incumbent on your complex business management problems. To grab instant functionality or specific solutions, extensions can be bought from Microsoft App Source. Advanced customization can be performed through code-based interactions with the use of the system’s various APIs. Overall, Dynamics 365 offers potential customization opportunity to simplify the enterprise practices.

NetSuite comes with the vast opportunity of customization whereby businesses can configure their system as per their specific requirements best suited to their unique work infrastructure. Whether the system update requirement goes for Inventory, Orders, Finance or HRM, NetSuite comprises all the customization functionality demanded by the diverse range of industries.

Integration Capability
Initially, Microsoft Dynamics 365 was designed for legacy on-premise systems and not customized extensively as per modern cloud capabilities. Also, it is hosted on the single-tenant environment which in result, additional modifications, even integrating add-on modules will be requiring more efforts than a native cloud platform.

Whereas, NetSuite comes with unlimited integration capabilities with any existing or third-party systems. Organizations can map their modern requirements and can avail high-level of integration supporting their modern business pillars to ensure the best ROI in the highly competitive marketplace.

Scaling Ability
When it comes to scalability, Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers greater functionality to scale your business from local to national to global market. Depending on your core functional need, you need to decide which scaling component or aspects are vital for your business. Midscale to large scale of organizations that appeal for a larger and complex business solution can rely on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for finance and operations solution.

On the other hand, NetSuite provides a standard option to scale across the globe with multi-subsidiary, multi-compliance, multi-language support. With NetSuite, every level of customization and integration can be built allied to your specific scaling need. Now, a smoother approach can be adopted with NetSuite ERP Software whereby business units can streamline their processes in each department.

Which one is the best ERP?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and NetSuite both the enterprise solutions deliver value to your business. Depending on your foundational need, level of business complexities, and modern work culture, Your ERP choice can be different. So, evaluate your business needs and make a decision based on.
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