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An Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017

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Ever since the launch of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, it has brought revolutionary change to how businesses functioned in different industries. With the NAV 2017 version developed and ready to be released anytime in early to mid October, it is ready to become the most powerful asset that businesses will go for various added attributes. Most suited for small to mid-sized organizations in all industries, NAV ERP’s latest version has set everyone’s expectations at a very high level, which makes it more awaited thing in the software market.

What’s New With the NAV 2017 Version?

Although, benefits gained through all added functions in the latest Dynamics NAV version will be highly rewarding for enterprises, it will also enable you to modify existing NAV system without directly altering source resources that will further make the extension deploying and upgrading process easier. Have a look at the overview of latest upgrades from below section.

* Richer incoming documents with an added filter ‘processed’ being introduced to bring down the huge entry list in incoming document list page.

* Inventory item categorization to define attributes such as manufacturing country, size, product dimensions.

* Smart sales & purchase documents with ability to cancel posted sales & purchase invoice and credit memos.

* Microsoft has added account categories along with other functional improvements.

* Smart notification features offer valuable advice and recommendations that help with better business decisions.
* In NAV 2017 version outstanding transactions and outstanding payments totals are visible in payment reconciliation journal.

* Balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement and retained earning statement are the four added financial reports to the Business Manager and Accountant Role Center in Dynamics 2017 version for the US.

* With provide standard setup, we can now setup and register fixed assets as cards with entire information including report classifications, accounting details, etc.

* Simplified CRM setup with better CRM integration features to merge Dynamics CRM and Dynamics NAV records.
* Dynamics NAV 2017 has the extension of Paypal payment standard service.

With all above added functionalities, Navision once again proves its domain position above all its competitors in the market. We, at inoday have been meeting minor to major business challenges of our clients by offering them appropriate Dynamics NAV solutions. Our name as a Microsoft Dynamics NAV service provider comes at the top, for having served to all clients with Navision solutions within committed duration. Our team of Navision consultants have proven their expertise by successfully implementing the product for business profits of our reputed clients. As our professionals stay updated with latest updates, they single-handedly overcome all kinds of complex business challenges and set a benchmark in the industry by delivering most suited business solutions to global clients.