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Augment Business Impact across Sales and Purchase with Business Central Contract Management

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With the deployment of this inventively orchestrated solution, thriving businesses can have an intelligent tool onboard to frame and connect every dot across contracts. Dynamics 365 Business Central Contract Management renders extensive capabilities to review our contract management and helps administrators run their operations without a hitch.


  • Amendments for Contracts with quotes and merging
  • Version History of Contracts
  • Right Distribution of Charges
  • Variation in Contracts as per Billing Periods (Calendars)
  • Price Clustering by Contracts

Diligent Contract Setup

To assist in managing global relationships with adaptive capabilities, it delivers an inventive and role-based experience for all kinds of users. Additionally, it comes with enterprise-level security and administration to help businesses manage their confidential contracts without a hitch.

Risk and Compliance

By leveraging the core capabilities of standard Business Central functionality of Contract Management, you can drive compliance and drop-down risks through incessant monitoring and advanced rules. It is embedded with AI-enables identification, assignment, and fulfillment tracking for all charges. You can come across diligently engineered contract negotiation tracking and robust approval workflows as well.

Contract Amendments

One should know that amending a contract overlooks the deletion of old data. Understanding history is an indispensable part while amending functions otherwise you may miss out on important information. However, Business Central Contract Management is all equipped with agile contract generation, seamless contract execution, and collaboration to let you simplify contract management with the least hassle.

Reporting and Analytics

Advanced Contract Management in Dynamics 365 Business Central, a SaaS solution by Microsoft, offers contract analytics, AI-driven insights, and robust visibility to track performance, access contract data quickly, and drive holistic improvements across all the aspects of contract management respectively.

Key Benefits

  • Quick and hassle-free creation of new contract quote
  • Merging of new amendment with the old one
  • Availability of complete and version history for reference
  • Impacts on upcoming billing periods are covered ‍

Additionally, the Power BI package enables business Sales Leaders and administrators to review current workflows, grab configuration for advanced contracting, get their team trained, and avail of customization as and when required.

Undoubtedly, Business Central Advanced Contract Management helps you gain a competitive advantage and drive growth opportunities. But, to ascertain your sustainability with the application and keep pace with the ongoing technology enhancements, you need to connect to a certified Business Central solution provider partner.

Moreover, as we know that Dynamics NAV is now closed off to new customers and if SMBs are looking to upgrade to Business central from NAV, it has to be executed under the aegis of experience and expertise. For the most part, accredited partners can help comprehend Business Central: On-Prem. vs. Cloud and help make a well-informed decision.

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