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Augmenting Expense Management with Business Central and Chrome River Integration

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Before you dig down deep into the business benefits of such technology enhancement, let’s understand the key requirements and challenges that stipulated the integration of Business Central with Chrome River.

In most cases, businesses reconciling within Chrome River, which is a leading Expense Management Solution, execute manual functions for their finance and accounting systems. In such a case, integrating Business Central with Chrome River renders an agile platform for automated operations.

To get a comprehensible insight into such integration, let’s understand the core capabilities of:

Chrome River

This expense reporting and supplier invoice automation software delivers extensive financial control and compliance for global business organizations.

It is embedded with a set of inventive features that include:

  • Spending Control
  • Automated Approval Routing
  • Policy Enforcement
  • Expense Routing Rules
  • Credit Card Integration
  • Personal Expense Handling

These features are further amplified with direct integration into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that helps your organization sync finance with the expense management, drive greater operational efficiency, and eliminate specific pain-points, including raised expenses and liabilities, manual double entry, disintegrated reporting, and inability to track expenses through dimensions and codes.

Key Business Benefits

  • Automated File Exchanges

With such an active integration of these two software solutions, you can witness the automatic exchange of files uploaded in Chrome River with the corresponding entries in Business Central, a SaaS solution by Microsoft. It readily eliminates the manual, labor-intensive steps, and reduces the possibility of error as well. While performing an audit or close review, one can make the most of the synchronization of the two systems.

  • Integrated Reporting

Business Central integration with Chrome River allows you to add dynamic dimensions and other tracking elements to the expense management data. You can bring in effect a robust analytics platform—Power BI to extract the fully tagged and tracked data. This helps create powerful visuals and interactive dashboards to help your team use insights about operations and important KPIs.

‍At the simplest level, the integration of Business Central, a Microsoft Cloud ERP, and Chrome River automate the process of reconciliation of all expenses entered into Chrome River with the finance or accounting system and their recognition and reimbursement to be raised as liabilities.

Not only this automation of reduces the discrepancies of manual entries but helps save them significant time and avoid possibilities of errors as well. However, connecting to a solution provider partner would let you execute your business vision. Also, they would assist you to upgrade to Business Central and unveil more opportunities to drive organizational benefits.

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