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Best 3 Picks in ERP for Small Businesses

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ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning Software is a business management suite that enables organizations to collect, store, manage, and communicate data across different departments. With ERP solution, organizations get access to productivity tools that automate many back office functions related to technology, services and human resources. With core capabilities across product planning, development, manufacturing, sales and marketing — in a single database, application and user interface, ERP software enables organizations to have real-time visibility across operations to make more informed decisions.

In fact, ERP helps in creating more efficient, leaner, better-automated and integrated business through sophisticated technology solutions. With too many solutions available in the market, it is really hard to find “Best ERP Solution” among the available options. Though this blog, we are providing a comprehensive review of the available options.

NetSuite SuiteSuccess – Whether you’re a small business, mid-sized enterprise or large organization and looking for Best ERP Solution, then SuiteSuccess is something which is hard to ignore. Oracle NetSuite SuiteSuccess is a unified cloud ERP solution that delivers pre-configured NetSuite dashboards across key departments such as accounting and the warehouse, enabling you to go live ASAP. With SuiteSuccess, NetSuite has changed the traditional approach of ERP implementation. Instead of evaluating business critical processes, then delivering highly customized solutions that, at times, result in huge time consumption and budget overruns, SuiteSuccess enables you to start from a pre-configured solution and take significantly less time to implement with the goal being less than 100 days. Use of NetSuite’s industry-based Value Chain Assessments to determine the scope of the project in SuiteSuccess, enable businesses to improve and optimize their business processes instead of customizing a solution to match the way business was done in the past. In SuiteSuccess, dashboards, reports, KPIs, key roles and process flows are pre-configured and tailored as per your industry needs. As a pre-configured, tailored solution, SuiteSuccess minimizes disruption and have you running with an ERP system faster. Each edition includes industry-specific key performance indicators (KPIs), dashboards, roles, transaction forms, and native functionality that make SuiteSuccess the best ERP solution for small businesses.

Dynamics 365 Business Central – As newest ERP offering from Microsoft for small and mid-sized businesses, Dynamics 365 Business Central enables organizations to conduct business without silos. As a cloud-based, all-in-one business management solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central delivers comprehensive functionality across finances, operations, sales and customer service. By connecting businesses across different departments, D365 Business Central enables organizations to streamline their processes, improve customer relations while driving growth. Dynamics 365 Business Central is a perfect ERP solution for small businesses with tight IT budget as it has brought full NAV functionality to a SaaS environment. With availability as Subscription based Software- as-a-Service (SaaS), Dynamics 365 enables small organizations to leverage digital transformation without investing huge in infrastructure, servers, computers, hardware, software, IT teams, etc. Furthermore, D365 Business Central also offers flexibility in terms of deployment as organizations can either opt for SaaS model or on-premise deployment, private cloud deployment or hybrid deployment options. With connected data, business analytics and guidance delivered by built-in Business Intelligence, organizations can achieve more. With comprehensive view of data, organizations can efficiently make more informed decisions. Availability in two different versions i.e. Essential & Premium, organizations can start and can scale up the capabilities as they grow.

Sage X3 – Sage Enterprise Management is a cloud-based, next-gen ERP application that enables small businesses to stay agile and scale seamlessly. By offering comprehensive functionality across production, supply chain, accounting management and much more at a relatively affordable cost minus the complexity of legacy ERP applications, Sage X3 helps businesses to accelerate key business operations right from procurement to manufacturing and accounting to inventory. As a highly user-friendly business management solution, Sage ERP is also considered among the list of Best ERP Solutions. It supports commonly used web-browsers and mobile devices rendering the freedom to take informed decisions on the run. As an industry ready solution with built-in functionalities for service, distribution, manufacturing and various other operations, Sage X3 can efficiently adapts to changing needs of your organizations.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for best ERP solutions for your small business, then you can select from the above mentioned products. While selecting the ERP software, it is recommended that you should keep few points in mind. One such point is cloud ERP. This is the era of cloud in which centralized data with real time visibility ensures more informed decisions, it is always recommended you should go with ERP that delivers flexible deployment options. Another thing is scalability. Choose a solution that provides you to scale up and scale down the capacity as per changing business need. Last but not least is the cost. On-premise software solutions require huge upfront investment. Thus, SaaS model is a good, cost-effective approach to leverage digital transformation.