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Business Central Mobile Experience Lets You Dive Into Your Chores Anytime, Anywhere

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Business Central Mobile Experience is optimized for one or two-handed usage and keeps up the similar user experience as that of a Business Central on the web. You can scale down to the size of your screen and peep into every task and operation across your businesses single-handedly.


Dynamics 365 Business Central, a Microsoft Cloud ERP, is specifically engineered for small and mid-market. The Mobile App comes with extensive functionalities to help SMEs Central adapt to on-the-go usage, available on the Windows store, Apple store, and Google Play and functions on most mobile devices running up-to-date operating systems.

Highlighting Features

• Buttons within easy reach of one thumb. You can easily do a sneak peek across sales, overdue invoices, purchase documents, payments, and more.

• Offers a quick list of relevant documents and entries. You can edit these copies as well.

• Ability to create ‘New Sales Orders’ by simply tapping the plus (+) icon.

• A fixed tool bar to look into different functions, including viewing Customers, Vendors, Items, Bank Accounts, and the Chart of Accounts.

• Business Central Mobile Experience comes with a Star, where you can find ‘Favorites. It can be accounts, functions, or transactions frequently checked out.

Interactive Charts

With the deployment of Business Central, A SaaS solution by Microsoft, and its Mobile Experience, you can come across a couple charts loaded in automatically. Also, they offer you the option to connect Power BI for additional data visualizations, if required.

For instance, Business Performance collection comes with an array of charts. You can pick any of these from the dropdown menu, change time period, and do relatively more for analyzing the growth trajectory. In particular, you can grab a more simplified version of the G/L Trial Balance chart here.

Cloud Printing

With the release of 2021 Release Wave 1, Microsoft has introduced Cloud Printing from the Business Central Mobile Experience. With such capability, you can send documents and report printouts to cloud-enabled printers supported by Business Central.

Why Business Central Mobile Experience?

It is simply a great and interactive tool to record your business processes while away from the computer, particularly when Work from Home has taken the shape of the new normal. Even if you are traveling or your sales team is out for some work, they can create sales documents and invoices relying on the need to be at their desks. However, it is important to note that it serves to compliment the web client and give increased flexibility, still more web client features are yet to be added.

Moreover, a robust cloud computing solution would streamline your business operation but a solution provider partner would assist you in executing your business vision and steer unmatched scalability.

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