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Business Central Power BI Capabilities Eliminate Reporting Distress Optimally

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Reporting and business logic vary extensively from company to company. To anticipate trends and forecast better for business scalability, one must have the right tools at the right time. With the deployment of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, thriving organizations can avail of the best reporting that fits in the business size, budget, and assists in mitigating the complexity of requirements.


Business Central, a Microsoft Cloud ERP, renders inventive capabilities and technology-rich practices across reporting. Its Power Bi capabilities help business leaders understand business world requirements, plan business activities accordingly, and witness lucrative outcomes within the stipulated time.

Let’s Take A Closer Comprehension

Power BI for Business Central

Power BI is an extensively orchestrated, out-of-the-box data visualization tool from Microsoft to grab access to a range of standard reporting templates. With this inventive tool, you can connect to Dynamics 365 Business Central to create your reports and customized dashboards. Business administrators, particularly CFOs can have greater insights into sales, receivables, and purchasing.

Jet Analytics

It leverages the elemental capabilities of Power Bi and simplifies reporting; making it quick and easy to play with large datasets. One can grab some extensive and interactive out-of-the-box dashboards for key business areas such as finance, sales, and inventory. Particularly, large enterprises can make the most of their inventive platform to enhance operational efficiency and deal with all their reporting, and KPI requirements.

For instance, it allows you to report on sales alongside stock-on-hand with outstanding purchases and projected stock positions. This way you can comprehensively drive greater visibility on what’s selling well, where the stock is, and what’s coming in for well-informed decision making.

Reporting and BI – Jet Reports

By leveraging the elemental functionalities of Business Central, a SaaS solution by Microsoft, you can extract information from Dynamics 365 Business Central platform into Excel. Particularly, Jet Reports allows you to use pivot charts, tables, IF statements, VLOOKUPs to filter the data and enables everyone else in the organization to get valuable insight into the business, too.

Moreover, it allows you to create and adjust your reports and help you avoid modifying the existing reporting templates to save cost as well. If required, you can aggrandize Jet Reports in combination with Power BI to integrate line-level data and visual elements.

Furthermore, Business Central Power Bi renders power-packed capabilities to help business leaders get operational information across balances, income sheets, and enterprise-wide data at their fingertips.

A Quick Look at the Variance

Power Bi Jet Analytics Jet Reports
Business Analytics service to offer interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities to custom reports and dashboards. Business Intelligence Solution that helps extract and build a data warehouse to meet specific business requirements. Tool for the more operational type of reports, including trail balances, balance sheets, and company-wide data.

Key Advantages

  • Quick and Accurate Reporting
  • Improved Planning and Business Analysis
  • Better Organizational and Business Decisions
  • Improved Data Quality
  • Happy Employees and Satisfied Clientele

Undoubtedly, Reporting and Bi in Business Central can help do exclusively more with insights, analytics, and business trends. Additionally, connecting with an astute and certified solution provider can let you explore cloaked opportunities for substantial business growth and increased scalability. As it’s time to upgrade to Business Central from NAV, connecting with a Business Central partner is diligently essential for unwavering business continuity.

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