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Business Central Upcoming April 2019 Release

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The upcoming Business Central April 2019 release aims to enhance current customer satisfaction with the product while delivering the smooth and fresh user interface experience by combining the latest web-based trends.

Productivity Enhancements for Business Users

Longer Names & Descriptions: This enhancement would allow users to write longer names and descriptions. They can now enter up to 100 characters in all Description and Name fields across Business Central. This change is applicable only on Name and Description field on master data cards.

Better Structure for Inventory Counting: Another application enhancement includes the use of physical inventory orders for better structuring of physical inventory counting. This functionality is developed to eliminate the difficulty to track the process and distribute work in larger-scale inventory counting.

Multiple Items Selection: Users can now select multiple items at once from the list to add sales or purchase documents.

Sales Quote Validity Policy: Use “Set Date Formula” to calculate Quote Validity on the Sales & Receivables Setup page.

Bulk Import of Item Pictures: Users get the flexibility to import multiple pictures of an item in a one go.

Payment Information: Customer & Vendor statistics FactBoxes can be used used to view information about payments and last payment dates.

Notes & Links: Improved internal notes can be added to captured business data. Users will have the ability to add and edit them directly on the card.

Quick Entry: This simple-yet-powerful feature provides an alternate path through editable fields on a page, enabling users to use only essential fields while skipping over non-essential fields.

Improved Scrolling & Load Time: Dynamics 365 Business Central will come with improved grid performance, & scrolling performance. With improved scrolling, users can read rows comfortably. Rows will load on demand to ensure that larger lists do not degrade the experience.

Additional Search Terms: Developers get the flexibility to add company-specific search terms to pages and reports which users can then enter in the Tell me box to find the page or report.