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Business Central’s BI Capabilities Enables You to Inspect Data at all Levels

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Dynamics 365 Business Central leverages the fundamental capabilities of Business Intelligence to assist you in analyzing data across your entire organization and avail of robust reporting.


With Dynamics 365 Business Central’s Business Intelligence, you get an agile alternative to reports, to dive into valuable pieces of information, customize the visualization, and even merge the data from companies in Business Central with the least hassle and ensure high scalability.

Highlighting Features

• Comparison of actual versus budgeted amounts
• Initiation of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
• Analysis of Financial Performance

Financial Reporting with Account Schedules

• By leveraging the core capabilities of Business Central’s BI, you can make the most of ‘Account Schedules’ to generate insights into the pieces of financial data that remain stored within the chart of accounts.

• You can come across scrutinized data within your G/L accounts and compare entries without a hitch. Although Business Central, a Microsoft Cloud ERP, comes with ‘Default’ account schedules, you can create new ones to deliver more customization, particularly which serves different functions like calculating profit margins.

• Business Leaders can make the most of Account Schedules to check calculations performance made indirectly within the chart of accounts, create subtotals for groups to be included in a new total, and create KPIs as well.

Data Inspection by Dimensions

With the deployment of Business Central’s Business Intelligence, you get to leverage ‘Dimensions’. These are data markers that you can add to entries to better group entries that possess similar characteristics like regions or products.

• You can use Dimensions to inspect data across journals, budgets, and documents.

• These data makers help you rundown fundamental comparisons and grab in-depth analysis of multiple characteristics.

Generating Analysis Reports

With Business Central’s BI functionality, you can generate customized reports on the records of transactions with ‘Analysis Reports’.

• In particular, these reports can be tailor-made across profits, sales, and comparative turnover of previous months or years and the differences.

• With an integrated view, you can quickly spot the areas that need improvement and customize templates that fit the business’ requirements efficiently.

Irrespective of your business size, data analysis is, undoubtedly, an inevitable part to ensure greater operational efficiency, high productivity, and better execution of your business vision. Although this SaaS solution by Microsoft would streamline your business operations, a solution provider partner would assist you in executing your business vision and steer unmatched scalability. Moreover, if you still avoiding a positive nod to upgrade to Business Central, your partner can help you get over the ambiguities efficiently.

Being a certified Reseller of Business Central license in India, we have won accolades for our exemplary services and robust solutions that have lead businesses to seize the competitive edge.

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