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Case Study – NetSuite Integration with Warehouse & Transport Management System.

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inoday brings in NetSuite integration capabilities for warehousing and transport management systems; have recently integrated with two different applications for a client having a complex business process and application environment which was working in silos with three different and independent business applications.

Problem Definition

Client has large chain of warehouse management and supply chain management activities. Business wanted to integrate NetSuite-ERP with warehouse management system and Transport management system.

NS-WH-TM- silos








Image: applications working in Silos



Solution by inoday NetSuite team

inoday understood the business process and converted a complex workflows for the user by integration to enable the customer to access the warehouse and transport module data on the NetSuite application only . The process was like generate Purchase order and link it with Transport order and then bring back on inventory to handle the dispatch.

NS-WH-TM- integrated

Process image – WM-NS-TM Flow diagram


With this solution NetSuite became self sufficient to take care of the process from generating the PO, checking the payment status, items on the supply chain, vendors involved in the process, hiring vehicles, tracking the shipments, vehicle wise and then posting the same in the accounts pertaining to respective vendor/customer.