inoday Virtual CIO services go beyond addressing your routine IT issues (operational, managerial, applications, infrastructure etc). We help you as your business changes, to deliver support through our Virtual CIO advisory services.

We provide recommendations aligning the business goals with IT systems covering applications, infrastructure, processes, performance and budget. We carry out a comprehensive IT assessment to identify gaps in the IT systems vis-à-vis the business goals and develop a strategy to bridge those gaps. The key objectives of the strategy plan are to simplify IT environment and build cost-effective, better performing and reliable IT systems.

Technology Independent IT Consulting

There are 8 core building blocks of an Enterprise IT Environment:

  • IT Management
  • Application Support
  • End User and Devices Services
  • Security Management
  • IT Expert Services
  • Core Infrastructure Management
  • Continuity and DR Services
  • Cloud and Hosting Services

Virtual CIO Services

Our virtual CIO Services include formulating strategic IT goals, planning the IT budget, analyzing and reworking business processes and facilitating technology changes. We collaborates with you and your clients to advise IT departments and perform the same functions as a conventional CIO.

Following services are offered as part of Virtual CIO offering:

  • IT Systems Assessment/Audit
  • IT Strategy Development
  • IT Transformation Roadmap
    • Application Optimization
    • Software & Hardware Selection
    • Cloud Infrastructure Strategy
  • Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery
  • IT Delivery/Operations Excellence
  • Security and Risk Assessment
  • Demand Management
  • Financial Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Vendor Management
  • Regulatory Compliance Tracking and Reporting
  • RFP Preparation and Proposal Evaluation

inoday CIO Advisory Services makes recommendations aligning your business objectives with best fitting technology for applications, infrastructure, processes, performance and budget. We do not make any recommendation based on our partnership with a technology vendor.

Through a comprehensive IT assessment, we identify key business and IT criteria to develop a strategy to simplify your information technology environment and lead the way to a more cost-effective and reliable IT solutions. Our progressive solutions enable companies to grow their businesses for improved business results.

Our CIO consultants will leave you informed and ready to make the right choices at a cost that fits your budget.

CIO Advisory

Executive IT Leadership

The inoday Virtual CIO Advisory Service provides a senior IT executive that serves as a CIO and/or IT advisor to your business. The inoday Virtual CIO has a technical background and is familiar with a broad range of IT platforms and technologies.

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Who is a Virtual CIO?

inoday virtual CIO is a “partner” to provide advice and recommendations regarding the relationship between customer’s business objectives and the operation and management of their IT landscape. inoday virtual CIO brings following to table:

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IT Maturity Level

A company’s IT maturity model depicts their ability to gain control and improve its IT-related processes which can also have an impact on financial compliance and risk management.  This model also provides a framework to measure improvements...

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