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Deliver Exceptional Services With A Scalable Hospitality POS System

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Hospitality is a unique business service, which requires a robust system tool supported by an experienced and reputed technology partner to drive high operational efficiency and increase organizational productivity. To advance with the competitive edge of this modern business world, lasting connections that enhance guest satisfaction is the ultimate key. You need to boost operational workflows to unlock a myriad of opportunities in hospitality and grow revenue with automated engagement. Irrespective of the price point, personalized attention is a basic expectation among guests now.

Here, These Lucrative Functionalities Can Help You Win Hearts And Minds Of Guests:

Sales and Reporting

With an efficient, highly scalable, and robust POS for Hospitality, you can procure a digestible daily sales report format by putting all relevant data together into a single place. It involves simple steps of hovering and clicking to view comparisons to last year, last week, and other periods in the past. It helps quickly track historical trends and adjust for the future. You can avail of a weather report attached to each day of sales with a complete picture and figures. With such a report, you can prompt staff-scheduling at its best as it shows the day bringing the most sales and peak hours of the day drawing highest average sales and repetitive customers.

In usability terms, this robust daily sales report enables you to view gross sales, net sales, card sales, guest checks, average check, covers, discounts, and voids as well. Moreover, you can compare your restaurant or hotel daily sales report across all connected chains and the brand as a whole. 


Marketing involves knowing your guests well. It helps you deliver more customize experience and entice them to return. Deploying a scalable Restaurants POS system or Hotel Point of Sale system, you can comprehend attractive restaurant marketing campaigns—weekend specials, theme parties, holiday parties, festivals specials and many more. Although these campaigns keep seats full and draw high revenue, it often gets hard to measure which one boosts your ROI and which aren’t worth the resources deployed. In such a case, this robust system can help you track the ROI of a specific campaign or event. You can analyze what and how many customers spent money on and enticed to return as an outcome of your efforts.

Additionally, you can track not only sales, number of visits but new and repeated customers apart from the promotion as well. It enables you to even track online reviews and evaluate how you stack up against your competitors and improve your marketing efforts to highlight your key areas of excellence.

Guest Book

With this extensive feature offered by a scalable Hospitality POS software, you can create unique customer profiles of your guests’ favorite dishes, visit history, preferred locations and typical spend. You can allocate any staff member to render targeted upsells and a personal touch to your repeat guests, irrespective of their meeting. With this information, you can bring every customer back everytime, working behind the scenes to serve you up the relevant data.

Many times, customers prefer to dine at a different location even if they chose the same restaurant chain. In such a case, you can use this scalable application to track customer activity and aggregate data from all your restaurant locations.

Logbook and Updates

Get easy-to-use and customizable logbooksto run the smoothest shifts with extensively engineered Hospitality POS solutions.You can use a logbook to do and enhance communication between staff and management. Your hotel manager can make the most of this logbook to interface with staff outside of once-weekly meetings. A completely customizable can handle all of the unique distinctions of your business and create custom questions and checklists for your staff to complete while closing down for the night. Additionally, your managers can deliver feedback on every shift and share knowledge across the board.

Offering updates or digest for every day of the week, Restaurants POS software delivers the most vital information about your business, including sales, labor costs, menu performance, server performance, and notes from managers. Although automated updates and insights are useful, human insights are irreplaceable. Hence, it offers your staff to log their own feedback and summarize the entire day activities.

Menu Management

With data-packed performance insights, you can be picky about your hotel or restaurant’s menu within the limited space to convey details. Embedded with menu intelligence, you can sense which items are driving your sales and which ones are driving the bottom line. Moreover, you can evaluate who is lagging on selling and which menu item is a superstar as a scalable Hospitality POS software

You can easily categorize your menu based on its performance and design a lucrative menu for your restaurant—or even better.Particularly, you must avoid drawing attention to price and try to keep it discrete after the menu item’s description. Researchers found that people are more likely to spend at restaurants and hotels with menu paying attention to the presentation of food and not merely including price tags or (dollar) signs. 

Server Performance

Leveraging the core functionalities of the Restaurants POS system, you can identify the rock stars and help boost your server’s earnings. It enables you to uncover coaching opportunities to help you make more informed decisions and drive high productivity. It delivers easy-to-read report cards for each of your servers based on their performance in sales, covers, table turn time, voids, and discounts. With its extensive Server Performance leaderboard, you can break the numbers down by menu and shift category as well. You can uncover the strengths and weaknesses of each server, check which servers need the most coaching, pair a top performer with a weaker one, schedule top-performing servers on busy days, and track progress efficiently.

Shift Preparation

A highly scalable Hospitality POS system can help you create a game plan for your big night with a pre-shift forecast. It enables you to gear up on tonight’s dinner service, prepare for VIPs and know what items the game-changer can be.In the critical business hours, you can predictthe number of guests to visit tonight by considering reservations, past results, holidays, weather and other important factors. You can empower your managers and staff before guests arrive and deliver unparalleled hospitality.

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