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Ensure High Customer Retention with Robust Delivery Tracking in Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Thriving enterprises can leverage the core capabilities of Business Central Supply Chain management and grab recognition for their accolades across their entire clientele. Tracking your shipping performance is one of the crucial steps in retaining customers’ trust & confidence and streamlines work to achieve the targeted business goal as well.

With the deployment of Business Central, a Microsoft Cloud ERP engineered for small and medium enterprises, you can follow the simple steps:

To ensure a scalable performance within the entire team, Business Central uses two documents:

  • Sales Documents
  • Sales Shipment Documents

These documents cover important fields such as:

  • Requested Delivery Date
    • Promised Delivery Date
    • Shipment Date
    • Shipped

These fields help your team input the date that the customer is requesting to receive the items or the date that you promised for the items to be received. When your team enters one or both of these fields in the Sales Order, it will be incorporated on the shipment of that order without a hitch.

‍‍For reporting, we recommend connecting Power BI to Business Central data. By leveraging the elemental functionalities of this SaaS solution by Microsoft, you can work on framing or measuring your KPIs as well.

Interestingly, you can track late shipments in Power BI using Business Central. You can set the filter to see only those orders that have been shipped.

For instance,

  • Last Shipping Number – It shows the posted shipment document number and is used for counting shipments or other aggregating purposes.
  • Completely Shipped – It is used to proclaim partial shipments.
  • Shipping Time – It shows the lead time taken to ship a product. With this, you can have an accurate calculation of your companies’ specific on-time delivery.

Tracking deliverables and keeping an account of all its processes help your customers discern your credibility towards the services. Moreover, when businesses are planning to upgrade to Business Central from NAV, it is important to know its elemental capabilities to make the most of it.  

Although a cloud-native solution is all set to help you improve your control on delivery tracking, a certified partner would help you comprehend Business Central: On-Prem. vs. Cloud and execute your business vision accordingly.

Being an accredited Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Partner in India, inoday holds substantial experience in doing away with operational bottlenecks and is known for offering uncompromising services.

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