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Flawless Order Management through NetSuite SuiteCommerce

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Whether you run a retail or an ecommerce business, it is up to you where you choose to take it and how much effort is being put in the process to get maximum returns. An ecommerce business consistently keeps you on the edge to perform better than your rivals. NetSuite, as a unified business management suite, encompasses everything such as financials, marketing, CRM, project, procurement, supply chain, manufacturing, warehouse management, POS, etc. NetSuite ecommerce software enables businesses to manage interactions with other businesses as well as customers through a cloud platform that offers enhanced customer experience over website, tablet, smartphone, social site, etc. Supporting B2B and B2C models over a single platform with a lower investment and unified system, NetSuite Suitecommerce lets you expand globally with its support for multiple countries, languages, currencies and tax rates. This technology surpasses all limitations and complexities of first-generation ecommerce software to provide superior customer experience.

Order Management with NetSuite SuiteCommerce has its advantages

Among SuiteCommerce’s multiple capabilities, order management is considered the greatest aspect for entirely assisting the commerce transactions, no matter what the touchpoint or currency is. Following are some attributes that highlight the NetSuite eCommerce Software.

# SuiteCommerce OMS (order management system) is acknowledged for offering unmatched billing capabilities like payment capture, invoiced billing, refunds, usage-based, support through any kind of interaction with customer in B2B or B2C environments.

# SuiteCommerce OMS is popular for its rules-based workflow technology to efficiently manage lifecycle of each transaction in series from order, fulfillment, payment capture and repurchase.

# It also assists in reducing the dishonest orders by providing intelligent review that will show red flags and hold on to the orders to reduce the time spent on reviewing the fraudulent orders.

# With its powerful back-office technology, you get warehouse management capabilities such as pick/pack/ship fulfillment process, bin & lot tracking, multiple warehouse locations support and intelligence to select right warehouse.

# Being integrated with several posts and leading logistics companies, SuiteCommerce helps in generating real-time rates, automatic tracking information, print shipping labels to the shoppers.

Above cited capabilities and many more related to the currency and tax support make the ecommerce software highly needful. You can avail all these benefits by getting in touch with leading SuiteCommerce Advanced developer from us. Getting the system deployed right way intensifies its worth in a huge manner.