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Gifts In Kind International

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GIKI needed to create a complex e-commerce solution on a tight budget that no American development firm could meet. We went to IBM, and local developers and they quoted us prices that were 50% higher than inoday. At those price points we could not create what we have today with inoday.

I have worked with Prabhash in the past on other small projects and he gave me a good price on these projects. In addition, inoday’s developers are available all the time 24/7 which is nice to have for someone like me who wants an answer yesterday.

I would say the main reason is price and the effort inoday’s developers gave. In 2009 GIKI was selling products by telephone and fax, and one year later we are taking orders online automatically. This is an exponential advantage on multiple fronts like, reduction in overhead, increase in efficiency, and increase in scalability all in real time.