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Here’s, How we Can Accelerate Sales Using Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Undoubtedly, customer relationship management software (CRM) helps businesses to grow by automating sales processes from lead scoring to enhancing long-term customer relationships. With CRM, sales managers can avail several benefits such as their sales data can be stored centrally, providing them 360-degree view of customers in real-time, enabling them to monitor sales processes, staff performance and, as a result, optimize selling. Advanced CRM solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales helps grow sales productivity, marketing effectiveness, customer service quality and professional efficiency. As an intelligent business solution, D365 for Sales enables organizations to predict customer’s needs while delivering personalized experiences to build relationships and to grow revenue.

As customers have changed the way of interaction with businesses, Dynamics 365 for Sales enables businesses to deliver consistent user experience across multiple touch points. D365 for Sales delivers actionable insights based on Business Intelligence that personalize every interaction to build strong relationships in complex sales environment. With access to complete view of customer data online or offline, and by leveraging productivity tools in Dynamics 365 for Sales, your sales team can easily identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, while closing more deals, faster that will eventually maximize productivity and sales performance.

Explore Dynamics 365 for Sales capabilities

Sell Smarter – Advanced scoring models in Dynamics 365 for Sales help in improving conversions. D365 Sales enables you to set up territories and teams to optimize organizational efficiency. Furthermore, you can create price lists, discounts, and unit groups to streamline offer management and also set up goals to track conversions. By tracking KPIs, you can understand relationship health and risks.

Personalized Engagement – With unified relationship data and processes in a single shared database, you can prepare sales interaction to deliver personalized engagement. You can also see a clear picture of each relationship with access to leads, sales opportunities, service cases, recent emails, shared documents and more detail across virtually any device.

Improve Sales Productivity – By replacing repetitive time consuming tasks with automated smart workflows, you can enhance the productivity of your sales teams. D365 Sales enables your team to do their best work from virtually anywhere on any device. Dynamics 365 for Sales offers deep integration with familiar productivity tools such as Outlook and Skype for Business, enabling businesses to perform routine activities, like planning their day, reviewing customer information, scheduling meetings and holding online meetings, in a few clicks.

Sales Insights – With real-time insight, analytics & predictive information, your sales team can easily discover emerging customer needs. With conversation intelligence, your sales managers can drive performance. By connecting sales data to Power BI, organizations can easily gain more insight that can be used in proactive decision making to help build relationships. With embedded LinkedIn insights, sales people can make new connections to drive personalized communications.

The Bottom Line

Dynamics 365 for Sales to enables businesses to manage opportunities more efficiently while gaining clear insights that will enhance performance. If you’re looking for trusted Dynamics CRM Implementation Consultants, feel free to contact us. Having huge experience and domain expertise, we are committed to take extra steps to ensure that customers are always satisfied.