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How is .Net Application Development Your Best Choice?

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ASP.Net is a technology for developing web pages and websites with HTML, JavaScript, CSS and server scripting. Since ASP.Net is a compiled and .Net-based environment, applications can be developed in any .Net compatible language such as C#, Visual Basic .Net and JScript .Net. ASP.Web pages are the primary building block for application development, for which the extension is .aspx. ASP.Net a web application framework, highly valued by developers as a powerful tool to create web services, dynamic websites and rich web applications. Comprising a great capability, ASP.Net is a preferred web development technology by individual developers and software development companies. It offers multiple web solutions such as:

  • Web based applications

  • Social networking websites

  • Business and corporate websites

  • Content Management System (CMS)

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Key benefits of using ASP.Net in web development are as follows:

  • For it is a part of .Framework, it has access to all .Net framework features.

  • .Net web development reduces the amount of code required to build large and complex applications that can eventually increase the development speed and reduce development cost.

  • Development is simpler and easier to maintain with a server-side and event-driven programming model.

  • .Net application development offers ability of cross platform migration.

  • Since the framework supports different languages, it allows you to select the language that fits best to your application.

  • ASP.Net offers the ability of cross platform upgrade.

  • ASP.Net also enables you to easily perform common tasks such as configuration and deployment.

  • It ensures high reliability and security with per-application configuration and built-in windows authentication.

  • Since Microsoft regularly updates ASP.Net, it meets your latest technology requirements.

  • Web application are in complied form, thus the execution speed is faster in comparison with interpreted scripts.

  • Program maintenance inconveniences are reduced since content and logic program are separated.

  • It is integrated with ADO.Net.

  • Possess built-in caching features.

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