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How Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP and CRM Assist you in Business Progress

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Running a business takes more than just the products and services, as business success largely depends on how customers are treated at your end. There are various business management solutions available in the market that have been known to enhance business operations and revenue. Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP is one such example that helps you keep edge over industrial competitors. The ERP allows quick sharing of standardized information across all departments. Entire information saved in the ERP system is created in real-time and any problem gets notified via alerts in other affected areas too. All these abilities of the Dynamics NAV ERP assist professionals in beginning the planning in advance.

Along with ERP solution, we have Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions that help in increasing the profitability with sales, marketing and offered services. Designed as a multifaceted platform, it not only helps in developing stronger customer bonds, but also assists in retaining the customers to not miss any opportunities of growing revenue. By tracking customer engagements and sales, companies can take relevant actions in real-time.

Primary features & benefits of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM tools are as below:

  • Tight integration with other Microsoft products

  • Multiple dashboards

  • Fully integrated marketing and automation tools for better interactions

  • Ability to access system even without internet connection

  • It helps you centralize entire customer information

  • Offers business intelligence

  • Facilitates communication

  • Tracks upcoming sales opportunities

  • Enable highly responsive customer service

Apart from above listed advantages of CRM of Microsoft Dynamics Navision, you get a total control of your customers information to not give away your customers in the hands of your competitor. Without a centralized platform to track all customer interactions, marketing campaigns, data analysis, and other functions; your business can lose the schedule and become out of touch. Also, Microsoft Dynamics ERP can offer huge profits via direct integration with Dynamics CRM. inoday among best ERP companies in India has leading Navision consultant to help you come above all insecurities. Latest with Microsoft, Dynamics 365 offers full spectrum of its CRM via five different applications including sales, marketing, project service automation, field service and customer service. So, you can get all these seamlessly work together or purchase the one that suits your present requirement.