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How Mobile App Development is Uplifting Different Industries

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Businesses need intelligent strategies to grow and keep that growth consistent. Building brand image, promoting it through different channels and providing customer satisfaction throughout every process is simultaneously managed by companies. Embracing latest technologies to promote your business and reach out to your customers can help you in building long-lasting business relations with your clients. Since people today are addicted to their mobile phones and they access Internet over smartphones rather than computers, their devices can be used as a powerful tool to enhance business dealing quality with them. With invention of mobile applications, it became immensely simple to establish trust between businesses and their customers. The early adopters of the mobile applications were restaurants & food sector, professional services, health & wellness sector and travel & tourism businesses.

Interesting facts about globally changing people behavior regarding smartphones and using mobile applications.

  • There are more mobile phone users rather than the desktop users across the globe.

  • Nearly 30% restaurant services are searched over a mobile phone.

  • 70% smartphone users choose e-shopping for quick and enhanced experience.

  • Over 30% app visits of people turn into direct sales through immediate service call.

  • Over 50% business travel bookings are done through mobile applications.

There are a number of industries that have been serving their clients through mobile application and have successfully generated huge business profiting prospects. Some industries that are taking multiple advantages of mobile applications are as below:


In IT sector, companies use mobile apps as a platform to convey information about their latest technology inventions and attract customers in unique manner. With help of right mobile application development company, they can also display information about their successful projects in a creative manner.

Food & Restaurants

This is an industry, which is making rapid success due to the use of mobile app development in serving their clients for their ordered food. People seek comfort of choosing their favorite meal from the variety available over a mobile application that is just a touch away with our smartphones in our hands.

Tour & Travel

People love finding all information about their favorite destination and getting the accommodation and transportation requirements pre-planned with help of a mobile application. Traveling industry thus seems to be taking best advantages of the mobile apps.

Apart from all these; entertainment, fashion, eCommerce and many other industries are enhancing their business dealing methods by taking the help of mobile app developers. If you come across a similar requirement, inoday is the right place for you that is known as the best mobile app development company at global platform. Having served our clients in various industries with help of our technically advance associates, we have carved a dominant position among our industrial contemporaries. Owing to our customer-centric policies and ability to deliver services within commitment duration, we are counted among best app development companies.