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How NAVDPayRoll Helps Ensure a Safe Return To Work post-COVID-19?

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Amid the chaotic business scenarios due to a worldwide pandemic, governments in some regions beginning to ease their stay at home orders with appropriate restrictions, and allowing organizations to get their employees back to office to work. If your organization is in one of these places, you can ensure proper adherence to safety regulations leveraging the elemental capabilities of NAVDPayRoll.


Using a highly efficient and scalable HRMS solution, your HR managers can take care of several legal, health, and employment responsibilities to help your employees stay safe and healthy. NAVDPayRoll can help you prepare to ascertain a safe return to the workplace for all your employees with the least hassle.

When you re-open your workplace, here are some of the instances where NAVDPayRoll can help you handle efficiently:

  • Tracking Employee Health StatusThis is one of the most crucial steps and sensitive parts as employee health data should be collected in an organized manner to improve its security and accuracy. Here, an HRMS solution can help you create forms with relevant fields to gather health information from your employees and workflows to send reminders as well.
  • Creating a Re-open Plan— With NAVDPayRoll, you can make the most of internal forums to seek your employees’ feedback on such a plan and ascertain your entire or at least maximum workforce is willing to return to work from office. It helps you initiate conversations from anywhere, anytime!
  • Recording Employee Requests— By leveraging the elemental functionalities of this HRMS solution, your HR managers can categorize employees’ requests across transportation, child daycare facilities, and shift schedules quickly and efficiently. Then, they can define the actions or even attach files that answer such queries.
  • Monitoring Attendance and Shifts— With NAVDPayRoll Employee Self-Service, your employees can mark their attendance, record the time spent on different projects, and manage shifts (daily, weekly, or monthly) to follow social distancing norms as well. It allows you to enable geographical and IP restriction features to ensure that employees sign-in and sign-out from your worksite as per the business norms.
  • Sharing Documents—You can simply upload a template, relevant files, rule books, and anything required. Notifications are triggered whenever there is as such addition and your employees can download these documents, without coming into physical contact with anybody.
  • Organizing Training Programs— It is important to ensure that your employees return to work with positivity, motivation, and confidence. Here, the Training Management Module of NAVDPayRoll can help them give an outline of the modified policies; the rule book to the new normal, and ways to have a seamless approach to their clients. You can conduct live virtual sessions for discussions and feedback as well.

To sum up, NAVDPayRoll

  • Enables you to recognize and appreciate your employees’ hard work
  • Enables your workforce to share feedback
  • Helps make essential HR functions easy and quick

Although this HRMS solution eases the transition within your organization via automation, a solution provider partner would assist you in executing your business vision and balancing employee safety, happiness, and productivity more efficiently.

Serving in the cloud computing solution milieu for more than a decade, particularly ensuring business continuity across all our businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, we won accolades for our exemplary services and ready to serve across a wider range with new technology enhancements.

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