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How NetSuite help Business to manage Inventory in Proper ways.

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Inventory Management is big issue for all industries specially for the Trader or warehouse type of business. All ERP nominated himself as a good champion for Inventory Management and released lots of module and tag for Inventory Management still business found some stock are below “ZERO”.

NetSuite also released “Advance Inventory Management” to maintain Inventory in broad level. Business got that module and run business on that after some day or month found some stock is below the “ZERO”. And getting stuck and start auditing and reconciliation of old closed transaction which impacted on future and current transaction. This seems as revenue leakage for the business. In current world cost totally depend on Time and Materials. If we use any employee to nonproductive activity that will be accounted as revenue loss for the business.

So, we have developed the utility/validation on NetSuite which will help business to manage Inventory in proper ways. This utility applied lots of validation on Account level, Role Level and transaction level which ensure that inventory will not below the “ZERO”.

Here we are giving some idea how this utility are working –

1) In NetSuite, no validation for Return Quantity. Suppose we have created PO for X item for 100 Qty and received as per PO. But at the time of Purchase Return user can return 150 Qty against same purchase Order.
2) Same limitation is in sales return and many more.

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