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How To Beat The Competition With NetSuite Wholesale Distribution Edition

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Today, various wholesale distribution companies are struggling to stay competitive depending on their business scale and market outreach. They are focused on revenue growth while reaping down the costs and for carrying out the same, they are adopting NetSuite Wholesale Distribution.

For wholesale distribution businesses, NetSuite is being considered as a business-driven factor. Many organizations are successfully driving their business practices by simply adopting NetSuite wholesale distribution edition.

NetSuite offers cloud-based software while considering common business goals of wholesale distributors. Such common goals are:

  • Sales expansion through cross-channels such as web, app, portals and more.
  • Optimizing the inventories and fulfilling sales orders with increased ROI and reduced costs.
  • Outstanding customer service & support in order to retain the existing customer base while building new ones.
  • Enable business growth with no increased IT infrastructure or personnel resources.

Now, let’s focus on how to work toward fulfilling above common goals with the use of NetSuite wholesale distribution software. Here are key features demonstrated in terms of NetSuite wholesale distribution.

Create An Omnichannel Experience

Now, engage customers to receive orders from various sources via phone, web, direct sales, point-of-sale, partner sales and more.

Influence Your Supply Chain

Make use of supply chain portals for your customer base, vendors, and sales partners and gain full control over your business.

Track Your Inventory Turns

Reducing your inventory overhead is no more a daunting task now. Keep your inventory in flow and track real-time inventory status across your warehouses.

Faster Order Fulfillment

Fulfill your orders on time and ensure timely delivery exceeding your customers’ expectations with minimized shipping costs.

Ensure New Market Penetration

Defining your market, targeting your customers, and nurturing your leads is easier now for wholesale distributors with less costs and increased ROI.

Support Your Sales Efforts

Trigger your sales efficiency and support your sales efforts with useful insights into sales opportunities and sales pipeline.

Go Beyond Your Customers’ Expectations

Boost your customer support by enabling a 360-degree view of your customers. With the use of support data, provide them improved and better services.

Business Plan For Future Of Commerce

Create a future plan by bringing omnichannel experience whether to manage B2B or B2C business operations which in turn to transform your distribution process.

With increasing customer demand and market competition, there is a serious need for an automated warehousing in wholesale distribution units. Hence, bring automation with NetSuite wholesale distribution software in order to seamlessly manage your customers and your unique business requirements and to reach customers with multichannel presence across channels.