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How to Do NetSuite Implementation Smarter?

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When we talk about the Business Software, then ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) word comes in our mind, and when we start to drilldown the best ERP in the world, will heard few name like NetSuite, SAP, Navision and AX. We are doing further drilldown on aspects of ERP features and we found NetSuite has been far ahead from another branded ERP.

Implementation Process also provide the beneficial edge to NetSuite compare to another ERP. NetSuite Released the standard methodology for implementation and all NetSuite partner should follow NetSuite one methodology. NetSuite 70 % to 80% ready to use in 1st day on Implementation which is not possible to any other ERP of the world. Other ERP can’t be use in 1st day of Implementation. NetSuite will take any amount of custom development for not more than Sixteen (16) weeks. NetSuite also gives opportunity to the user to activate or deactivate function by clicking on Check box which is completely dream for another ERP/ERP users. NetSuite User can create his own dashboard, Report, Reminder and Task by User interface and in other ERP needs Technical expert for the same, this function make difference between NetSuite and another ERP.

NetSuite One methodology gives confidence to Business that NetSuite implementation made only for his specific business because customer seen all his custom requirement is ready to use and available within NetSuite .