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How to Repository Pattern is beneficial in the enterprise application?

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Repository Pattern, it is the latest pattern to create an enterprise level application. Repository Pattern restricts us to directly work with the data in the enterprise application and builds new layers for database operations, business logic and the application’s user interface. Even if your ASP.Net based application is not following the Repository Pattern, then enterprises will have to face a couple of challenges: –

Redundant entries in the application database.

Requirement of UI (User Interface) for the unit testing of the database operations and business logics.

More difficulty to handle data in a centralized form.

Database cache difficult to manage and much more.

Even if you want to minimize all challenges, then you can go with repository pattern. You can get various advantages using the Repository Pattern such as: –

Conveniently removes the duplicate entries from the database.

Database access can be reused through the pattern.

Business entities and domain entities are strongly typed with annotation.

In which pattern, the database manages centrally in the organization, etc.

There are two ways to implement enterprise application such as with Repository Pattern and without Repository Pattern:

Repository Pattern in ASP.NET

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