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HR Managers Can Pick the Best Suited Recruitment Method with NAVDPayRoll

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Every job in an organization comes with some distinguishing requirements and every organization has disparate needs as well. In such a case, employers have to use hiring tactics and leverage different types of recruitment methods. This helps them appeal to the right candidate for the job and the one that matches their environment.


With the deployment of NAVDPayRoll, you can explore various types of recruiting methods that enable you to hire the most efficient resource as per the industry, role, and department. Of all, this HRMS and PayRoll software solution helps you retain a productive workforce in the best interest of the organization as well.

Recruitment Methods You Need To Know About

Every recruiter wants to fill vacancies within the best time and with the right resource. The choicest of employers go through an arsenal of quick options at their disposal to attract the best-suited people in different ways.

Direct Ads

This is one of the most common recruitment methods, where employers placing job advertisements on their website, careers site, job boards, social media, and industry publications. It is an excellent way to find lots of applicants and delivers exposure to the employer branding and the company’s reputation. Here, NAVDPayRoll lets you advertise your requirements, job description precisely. Also, you can automate interview schedules with the least hassle.

Talent Pool

With the deployment of NAVDPayRoll, you can create your talent pool databases and search for applicants and candidates later who were not hired but were suitable enough to save. It helps you hire the right candidate with the required skills and experience.


Employee referral is a combination of internal and external recruitment. An organization may ask or encourage existing staff to refer people they know for vacancies. It is a cost-effective, quick, and trustworthy method as your existing staff would refer suitable candidates to avoid any discrepancies. Also, the new hire will already be more familiar with the organization than an outside hire.


This recruitment method refers to re-hiring past employees. Generally, they are known as ‘Boomerang’ employees as these are the people who worked well at a company but then left on good terms for a myriad of reasons.

Here, NAVDPayRoll can help you analyze their previous records, performance, KRAs and KPAs, and their contribution to the organization. HR managers can easily pick the right resource as they know their abilities; it helps reduces time to hire, and eliminates the risk of a bad hire as well.


Promotion means that the employee moves up the ladder and is given more responsibilities with a pay increase. By leveraging the elemental capabilities of NAVDPayRoll Talent Management and Performance Analysis, HR managers can efficiently select the deserving one for appraisals and help the organization have an experienced candidate to fit in the role.

On the other hand, you can transfer staff to the same role in another branch or region, or offer a similar position in a different department or division as well.

Internships and Apprenticeships

You can offer internships and apprenticeships to get to know the strengths of individuals and consider them later for a working interview. During the contact period, hiring managers and HR managers can evaluate the potential to pick interns and apprentices who can be up-skilled and trained to fill future roles. Here, NAVDPayRoll lets you organize training programs without much hassle and recognize future talent and leaders for the organization.

Recruitment Events

In general, big-sized enterprises or companies planning extensive expansion go for recruitment events to attract perfect people. Events can range from hosting open days, job fairs, hackathon, and graduate recruitment drive on campus. You can make the most of this HRMS and PayRoll software solution to ensure you get the best ROI, know precisely the type of candidate you want to attract, and the employer value proposition.

Once you know your requirements and define key responsibility areas for the candidate, you can hire the right resource. At all levels, NAVDPayRoll lets you be precise in your decisions, actions, and execution. You can make the most of this solution to perform payroll operations and function all other processes, right from hiring to orientation to training, and more.

As NAV is closed off to new businesses and it’s time to upgrade to Business Central from NAV, this HRMS and PayRoll solution will continue offering unmatched HR capabilities to help organizations ensure payroll operations continuity even if the business operations undergoes transition or an upgrade. This solution is orchestrated under the aegis of inoday’s years of experience and industry expertise.

For the most part, connecting to a certified Microsoft Partner can help companies comprehend the solution closely and drive lucrative outcomes out of it. Serving in the cloud computing solution field for more than a decade, we have won many accolades for our exemplary services and implementation of uncompromised solutions.

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