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Kilimanjaro Release

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SuitePromotion Enhancements

2017.2 release made improvements to your ability to audit and gain visibility of the promotions applied to orders and why, if applicable, they were not able to be applied to the current order.

The first is that you can now enable promotions to be automatically applied when they are applicable. Before this release, every promotion required an associated code to be entered on the cart in addition to the trigger critera; now, you can set them up so that as soon as an order is eligible, it applies automatically.

The second neat little feature is what we call best offer.The system is now set up to calculate this and automatically select for the shopper the one that will give them the best deal.

Custom Content Types for Site Management Tools

Denali 2 release, provided a powerful tool that site administrators are using fully-featured Site Management Tool without the aid of a developer. Kilimanjaro introduces some quite exciting improvement (Custom Content Type) further in SMT.

There’s an example module you can check out for yourself in documentation but some ideas might be:

Embedded Instagram, Twitter and YouTube posts

Pre-made banner templates

Signup forms

One of the significant things about CCTs is that they are built out of the same sort of code that you would build an SCA module out of: it has the same kinds of folders, an entrypoint file and even an ns.package.json file.

Sass Refactor

Three enhancements include:

Redefined color palette, typography, and spacing definitions

Human-readable, standardized variable definitions

More elegant element definition through Sass code nesting

Another change is to do with typography, where new release moved away from defining sizes in pixels (px) to using relative em (rem). So, for example, if you have a splash screen which calls for big, shouty fonts, then you can change the base size of that element and then use standard class names in that element. By doing this, all font sizes will be scaled up without you having to create new classes for them.

Style Guide

Introduced Knyle style sheet (KSS) notation to document and define elements within the Sass. KSS notation is a way of marking up Sass and CSS files so that they are both machine and human readable. To start, you simply need to run gulp local styleguide.

The style guide functionality enables to keep track of what styles are used on your site and how they’re intended to be used. The introduction of KSS has meant that your stylesheets are now bigger than before as they contain a lot of markup. When the code compiles for deployment, all of the KSS notation is stripped out of the final CSS files and so it never becomes an issue.

Change Email Address

Shoppers now allowed to change their registered email address which meant that if they wanted to use a different email account, they don’t need to create a new account. Shoppers can update their registered email address.