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Loading Large Data Sets in NetSuite

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Loading very large sets of data is becoming a common task for implementation, integration and support for any online business process. The standard NetSuite Import Assistant has a limit of 25,000 records or 50 MB data upload at a time. Even, it is recommended that imports are separated into smaller files for better performance. So, this method can only help  for small loads of data and time-consuming with large data sets that sometimes require numerous man-hours.

NetSuite has recently provided a new functionality through which we can upload millions of data using a scheduled script queue.

nlapiYieldScript(), creates a recovery point and then reschedule the script. The newly rescheduled script has its governance units reset, and is then placed at the back of the scheduled script queue.

To summarize, nlapiYieldScript works as follows:

  • Creates a new recovery point.

  • Creates a new scheduled script with a governance reset.

  • Associates the recovery point to the scheduled script.

  • Puts the script at the back of the scheduled script queue.


Typically, the scheduled script is performing a search to locate all of the records it will need to operate on. We can sort this search by internalid and update the “last ID processed” as the script runs. Once we are ready to reschedule, we store the last ID processed in a script parameter and pass that in to the reschedule function. And the best part is that there is no any limit on the number of times nlapiYeildScript can be called in a scheduled script.

This can create a magic if you have millions of records to upload and process. Regarding NetSuite development Services, contact us.

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