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Manage Wholesale Distribution Challenges through ERP

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Wholesale distribution is always the  highest priority for any company manufacturing goods or selling goods; has become the second highest industry in size. In this value chain, the first position is occupied by the retail or eCommerce industry because they sell. A couple of challenges that are faced by wholesale distributors and they directly impact growth of the business and bottom lines largely. Is there any preferred solution for that via small and mid-sized enterprises can run smoothly?

A strong and thriving business requires support of an advanced business management software; which manages the routine tasks and activities more scietifically. You don’t need to go anywhere, just consider an automated tool that is Wholesale Distribution ERP Software. It is the cloudy software, syncing with multiple distributors and branches across the complex world.

In the advanced era, customer’s expectations are increasing day to day and wholesale distribution facing a bunch of issues or operational challenges. Most of the times the standardized application requires software customization services.


Some of the wholesale distribution challenges are:

1. Retain position for growth in the competitive marketplace: Maintain a company position and growth as well, it is too tough for every wholesale distribution, but with the help of an Enterprise Resource Planning Software organizations can achieve their long term and short term business goals.
2. Improve coordination between suppliers and customers: Coordination between suppliers and customers plays a vital role in success of any business. Customer strategies oriented softwares are best suited for wholesale distribution companies.
3. Actual demand forecast: a demand forecast helps manage the supply chain more scientifically and organizes the distution. With the help of an actual demand forecast, distributors can be updated with the actual picture of the demand. If you  fulfill customers demand, then they will be satisfied and will help you have repeat purchases through the acquired customers.
4. Enhances visibility to control inventory and costs: Using the cloud ERP Software organizations can easily control their inventory and costs in the marketplace, but without the visibility organizations can’t measure control on inventory and costs at the same time by managing the profitability .

With the emergence of new wholesale channels, customers are demanding more in terms of productivity and quality of product or services. It is the right approach to implement the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Wholesale Distribution to cope with the unique challenges faced by such organizations. Consult us for more inputs on this.