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NAVDPayRoll Employee Self-Service is One-stop Solution to Oversee All PayRoll Processes

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Rendering extensive capabilities across time tracking, leave requests & entitlements, target agreement, team absence Calendar, and travel management, NAVDPayRoll Employee Self-service is an exclusively orchestrated platform to manage and access all functions at a glance, save time, and drive greater organizational efficiency.

Key Highlights

“A convenient and well-timed self-service portal to all employees and managers, employees can enter their attendances, absences, activities, travel expenses and receipts without following out the HR departments.”

For close comprehension, you can go through:

Self-Services for Employees Self-Services for Employer
Employees can: Business Administrators can:
• Submit their leave requests & absences • Approve travels and expenses requests
• Track login, logout, and working hours • Cooperate in the recruiting process
• Create and record travels and receipts • Approve leave (full day, half day) requests
• Maintain master data in the Self-Services Portal on one’s own • Check the availability of an employee for a particular project
• Review performance and target agreements at any time • Have close access to Ad hoc reporting across every employee

Time Tracking

The self-services provide extensive options for an overview of the current status as well appointments (due or over) via interactive dashboards. It is well-equipped with capabilities included Virtual Time Clock, Snapshot of overtime & minus hours, overview time accounts & overtime, and check for maximum working hours.

Master Data Management

Your employees can maintain, edit, and change their master data (personal information, details of bank accounts, contacts) in the self-service portal independently. However, for locked data, HR confirms the change requests for security purposes. This readily helps save time and deviation from other departments.

Review of Targets and Performance

With the deployment of Dynamics NAVDPayRoll can access upcoming training, deadlines, and scorecard. Also, they can have an overview of fulfilled, partially fulfilled, and unfulfilled goals to track their performance accordingly.

HR Requests

To sum up, employers can work wherever, whenever, and on almost all mobile devices. Interestingly, you can begin using such an extensive solution directly after you decided to do the investment. NAVDPayRoll Employee Self-Services integrates automatically into your HR solution, too.

Although a robust and scalable PayRoll solution would streamline your business operations, a solution provider partner would assist you in executing your business vision and steer unmatched scalability.

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