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NAVDPayRoll Entails A Unique, One-Stop Platform to Perform All HR Functions

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Human resources, irrespective of the organization’s size and type, perform key functions across recruitment and are responsible for many activities concerning workforce and payroll management. NAVDPayRoll, and explicitly orchestrated HRMS and PayRoll solution, renders an extensive platform to assist HR managers in performing all the functions and reaping advantages of their target achievement as well.


NAVDPayRoll is an inventive suite of cloud-native applications that enables HR professionals to manage all the operations via an integrated platform, stay compliant with changing tax laws, strategize payroll processes throughout the employee lifecycle, and ensure organizational transparency.

NAVDPayRoll to Manage HR Functions

HR professionals perform a wide variety of tasks within an organizational structure and reviewing all such functions helps frame and strategize the operations better.


With the deployment of NAVDPayRoll, HR managers can simplify hiring new employees, hiring contractors, and terminating employee contracts.

In particular, HR Managers can

  • Identifying and meet talent needs through profound recruitment
  • Ensure ethical hiring practices and align with the regulatory environment
  • Prepare employee contracts, negotiate salary, and elaborate benefits


HR development includes onboarding new employees and rendering resources. It is a key investment for organizations and HR professionals are allocated to maintain a developmental approach to existing human resources.

It covers:

  • Training and preparing newly hired employees for their specific role or KRA
  • Offering training opportunities such as educational programs and managerial-level conferences to help employees keep up to date with their knowledge base.
  • Preparing management prospects and delivering feedback to employees, managers, and project leads.


NAVDPayRoll comes with extensive built-in bank integration to help an organization pay its employees electronically. It comes with Bank-grade security to protect all organizational data as well.

It covers:

  • Support for all types of Salary Structure and Tax Regime
  • Accommodation of Basic PayRoll, Reimbursements, Loans, and Advances
  • Auto-generated Pay Slip to the Self-Service Center


When it comes to PayRoll, tasks can go endlessly tedious and time-consuming. By leveraging the core capabilities of NAVDPayRoll, HR managers can expand the scope of compensation management.

With NAVDPayRoll, HR professionals can:

  • Identifying appropriate compensation based on role, performance, and legal requirements.
  • Anticipate trends and negotiate group health insurance rates, retirement plans
  • Built cohesive communication across appraisals and other compensation with employees

Safety and Health

Careful consideration of the safety and health of an organization probably demands the best practices. Particularly, during the COVID-19 pandemic and post-pandemic scenarios are extensively demanding high-level safety and health measures for employees. Moreover, when many of the companies are planning to re-open the workplace, HR managers are putting their elbow grease to help their employees feel and remain safe.

Here, with NAVDPayRoll, HR professionals can

  • Implement new safety measures, where attendance and other processes are managed on the cloud
  • Categorize employees’ requests across transportation, child daycare facilities, and shift schedules
  • Manage to share and transfer files with notifications to avoid physical contact on the board

On a conclusive note, NAVDPayRoll helps HR managers

  • Make up the workforce for their respective organization
  • Offer training, take orientation and ensure organizational development
  • Ensure safety, manage payroll, and meet regulatory compliance

Although this HRMS solution eases the HR functions within your organization via automation, a solution provider partner would assist you in executing your business vision and balancing employee safety, happiness, and productivity more efficiently.

Serving in cloud computing solutions for more than a decade, we have won many accolades for our exemplary services. We have assisted in maintaining business continuity across all our businesses even during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown and we are ready to serve across a broader range of thriving business domains with new technology enhancements.

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