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NAVDPayRoll Helps Meet PayRoll Laws to Ensure Fair Treatment To Employees

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As an accredited employer, you need to follow certain PayRoll laws to do away with financial penalties. Generally, these laws help you ensure just payment to your employees, tax payments, and correct reporting for the same. Considering this rudimentary requirement for businesses of all sizes, Microsoft Dynamics NAVDPayRoll is introduced with robust policy management capabilities.

By leveraging the elemental capabilities of Dynamics NAVPayRoll, you can easily comply with the payroll taxes and avoid breaking any of those rules for the best interest of the organization.

For instance,

  • Your Employees can access all types of payroll documents. These may include earnings, pay statements and tax forms.
  • As an employer, you can pay your employees weekly, bi-weekly or monthly as per the requirements and business norms.
  • NAVDPayRoll helps define an unlimited number of calculations for earnings, such as commissions or bonuses, benefits, or deductions for complete payroll with the least hassle.
  • It supports multiple locations taxation requirements as per the type of job or tasks, including GST and ITR in India
  • You can come across simplified e-filing for taxes, including federal and local agencies to help your employees get paid at the right time.
  • It enables you to track costs related to a specific department, area, or cost center via customizable earnings distributions.
  • With Automatic postings to General Ledger and Accounts Payable modules, you can sit relax knowing that every process is streamlined without a hitch.
  • As an acclaimed and choicest employer, you can keep all payroll records, including paycheck stubs,, year-end tax forms, new hire tax forms, and time sheets as well.

Integrations Available With NavDPayroll

  • Multi- payment (bank, cash) and multi-currency modes
  • Integration with the General Ledger in NAV.
  • Robust and uncompromised data exchange through MS excel, .xml and .txt
  • Processing of both internal and external operations across employee loans, pension and welfare contributions.
  • Traceable and downloadable reports in multiple formats (Word, Excel or PDF)
  • Integration to time registration devices

Irrespective of your business size, it is important to ascertain that every employee of your organization is content along with procuring protection against fines or penalties.

Being an accredited Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultant, inoday holds experience for more than a decade in doing away with such operational bottlenecks and can help you take care of payroll compliance swith their exemplary services.

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