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NAVDPayRoll Renders Real-time Reports and Analysis to Reinvigorate PayRoll

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By leveraging the essential and fundamental capability Microsoft Dynamics NAVDPayRoll Standard Reporting and Analysis, employers can have an immediate rundown across all PayRoll processes and spot potential areas for substantial augmentation.


You can be the choicest of employers with Ad Hoc Analysis, Manager Self-Service, Deadline Monitoring, My Employees‘Vacation Calendar, Leave Entitlement that Dynamics NAVDPayRoll offers for steering unmatched scalability.

Highlighting Features of NAVDPayRoll Analytics & Reports

  • Exclusively Engineered Dashboards— Allows you to have an immediate overview of working hours, leave and sick days, recruiting processes, training needs, etc. – for a group of employees or a specific employee in detail.
  • Uniform and Integrated Interface— All your PayRoll tasks are completed in a single interface, which you can access in a browser or mobile with all common end devices.

Key Capabilities

  • Robust Real-time Reporting for all areas of PayRoll and HR
  • Facilitates evaluation of all employees, group of employees, or the company as a unit
  • You can create an organization chart created with a simple point-and-click process
  • Capabilities to perform evaluations at any location, by any employee
  • Elimination of data islands and multiple data entry
  • Operational and gets integrated with all departments immediately after the purchase decision

Rundown Time-critical Processes with Deadline Dashboard

One of the most intriguing features of NAVDPayRoll Standard Reporting and Analysis is Deadline Dashboard that has grabbed many employers’ attention.

  • It proffers a quick overview of time-critical processes in PayRoll and HR processes to let you plan measures in time.
  • For instance, you can make the most of this comprehensive dashboard to draw information across soon expiring contracts, pending leave requests, sick leave, or even necessary health checks across the entire organization.
  • Interestingly, your employees and managers can see the deadlines relevant to them as well. By integrating with the HR department, this dashboard assembles all deadlines as well.

On a conclusive note, NAVDPayRoll Standard Reporting and Analysis enables you to do a sneak peek across all areas of your PayRoll and ascertain higher adaptability. Although a scalable PayRoll solution would undoubtedly streamline your business operations, a solution provider partner would assist you in executing your business vision and leading the competitive edge.

Moreover, as we know that Dynamics NAV is now closed off to new customers and SMEs are initiating to upgrade NAV to Business Central, inoday has specifically orchestrated this PayRoll solution by oneself to help businesses of all sizes do relatively more with such technology enhancement and advanced cloud-native capabilities across PayRoll operations.  

As a certified enterprise and custom software solution partner, we offer our decadal experience and industry expertise to do away with operational bottlenecks. We believe in rendering uncompromised solutions and it has helped us gain global recognition for our exemplary services as well.

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