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NetSuite ERP trends

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Todays’ Organizations need IT Solutions that meet their dynamic business requirement, manages their business flows and helps them have an enterprise view. Enterprises need single view through which they can track customers, stock, billing, project, Human resources, accounts, purchase behaviors, product movement, inventory, Sales orders & purchase orders besides payment collection data.

Key benefits:

  • Reduces IT cost by over 50%

  • Accelerated financial close by 20-50%

  • Cut Order-to-Cash cycle by 50% +

  • Reduced Audit preparation time

  • Reduced invoicing cost, varies between 25-75%, depending upon the industry

  • Reduced Day Sale Outstanding by 10-20% (DSO)


NetSuite has the capability to connect your CRM, E-commerce and ERP, meaning you can have an enterprise level solution to manage all your data at one place. This can be achieved by implementation of various NetSuite products.

Some of the major business benefits of NetSuite ERP include

Ø Improved financial operations, efficiency and productivity

Ø Timely financial close

Ø Ongoing compliance

Ø Real-time visibility of the organization

Ø Comprehensive Accounting and Finance

Ø Real time reporting and analytics, anywhere, anytime.

We at inoday discern with the fact that a traditional ERP system, until customized or implemented does not automate the business process and yield the output. We believe in the fact that optimization of the solution, implementation after customization; offers a higher visibility and organizational productivity, as compared to a standard product implementation.

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